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Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 - Important Lesson Learned

Rich Schefren
You probably already have seen, that I promote Rich Schefren's latest milestone type of report — The Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 — very prominently on this Blog. I even have shot a brief video.

The core message of the report for many businesses is
“You are no longer in control of your branding, positioning and marketing.”

Wouldn't you believe someone, who had made enough money to retire at age 25, but has so much drive that he just moves on and since then helped his coaching clients to make some hundred millions of dollars additional income.
“Don't ask any further questions?
Just download the free report and read it.”

(It won't be available forever!)

So what are the lessons that I have learned from this?

I had 2.7 times more visitors on my Blog than usually on Sundays. I am already curious for todays figures. All because I decided last minute, that I will participate in Rich's 66 seconds promotion video contest. So why did I get more traffic yesterday? Because I took action to participate in an event (the contest) that has a lot of attention. It is that simple.

Do you remember my post about one key factor for success: The Speed of Implementation. If not, go back and read it. It is one of my top posts.

Even though the video contest had a sharp deadline only 36 hours after it had been announced, my situation was worse. I did not “pay attention” until 2 hours before the submission deadline. That's when I decided to do it.

All of a sudden I had hundreds of ideas, but no time to put them on screen. Furthermore I never made a promo video like this. But I wanted to participate, I wanted to see, how it effects my Blog. So I focused on the essentials and kept everything to the bare minimum.
  • Writing a script, the text.
  • Filming myself speaking
  • Trying different setups, quickly.

I just didn't like any of the intermediate results. But I kept going. The clock was ticking. Finally I realized, I have to make the video some kind of funny to cope with all those no-time, no-budget, no-preparation, no-outsourcing type of issues in this Saturday night mini project. Originally I wanted to get into the informational or compelling category, but … no music, no third party material to be edited into the video, …

I kept rolling, registered for those sites, and submitted the video 6 minutes before the contest submission deadline.
  • What do you think? Is the video funny or just plain stupid?
    John About Rich Schefren About Rich Schefren's Doctrine (John's Video is no longer available)
    Please, leave a comment here on the Blog.

  • Do you have anything else to say about the doctrine, Rich, or myself?
    Say it, in the comments.

Do you see what was driving me?

It was not perfectionism. And excuses like there is not enough time or how could I win and compete against everybody else, … could not stop me. Today I have seen videos from my competitors in this contest that blew me away. I am also relieved, because — at least in my opinion — my video is not the worst one.

I was driven by the determination to enter this competition. Nothing stopped me. I used what I had available, which was not much at this time as far as my Internet video skills and tools are concerned, but I am proud that I did it.

I have proven to myself that I am an action taker and that I am capable of getting to speed quickly. That is what counts. It is much more important for me than this particular contest. Of course, if I won, it would boost my business tenfold or more, But I am confident that I'll be able to boost my business anyway.

John W. Furst


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Pat B. Doyle on :


John, great video!!! You are so expressive - it was fun to watch! Congrats on getting it done and not getting bogged down in perfectionism!

John W. Furst on :


Thanks for the positive feedback. :-)

It was fun. Having a deadline can sometimes help. If you don't have one. Set one by yourself.

Henry on :


Brave that you promote your URL and not his. I like it. Where are the other videos?

John W. Furst on :


I was surprised how few folks advertised the URL of their own.

In the meantime I got confirmation from Rich's team that my video is fine and had officially been accepted into the contest. :-)

The other videos?

Search for "Rich Schefren" on YouTube and watch his blog at

Thanks for your feedback.

Sean Stefan on :


Good job on the video John. I entered the competition as well,

I liked your point in this post that the point of video isn't perfection, it's just about getting them done. I'll be digging your video, hopefully you can send one my way as well.

Sean Stefan

P.S. I've been documenting my results in this contest at my blog as well.

John W. Furst on :


Yeah, I remember that snowman. I dugg you, too, but it might have been too late today. Anyway thanks for your support and comment.

Carl on :


Hey John,

Great effort at producing a video in such a short amount of time. Good luck with the competition.


John W. Furst on :


I have my very personal victory already. Thanks for your comment Carl.

Chetan on :


you guys rock!

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