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Take Action: Save The Internet - We Cannot Afford To Lose It

My blogging friend Matt Harzewski literally woke me up with his post about Net Neutrality. I actually picked the video I show you here from his selection. “Thanks Matt for being on alert with those things!”

Where is the threat?

Would you like your ISP to do the following things to you.
  • Throttle the speed for Web sites they don't like.

  • Blocking certain protocols, like streaming video, and only offer their own paid content.

  • Charging Web site owners extra to get access to you at a decent speed.

  • etc., …

Watch this video

Network Neutrality or “Net Neutrality” means all Internet traffic is equal. There is absolutely no discrimination. There is no speeding up or speeding down of data packets based on their origin or destination.

The technical network part of the Internet is democratic and that's why you can find a wealth of information from so many little guys next door.

The largest telephone and cable companies in the USA — including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner — want the ultimate control over the Internet. They want to charge extra for access to their clients.

Imagine that, you run a successful Videoblog and all of a sudden you have to pay a fee to get your content delivered to AT&T, Verizon, … customers?

Those large players want to tax all content providers to guarantee delivery of their data at decent speed.
“No money → no guarantee → bad delivery”

But that's not all. Maybe they decide, you shouldn't use Google anymore. Maybe you have to use their own search engine, that will find only commercial offers. Who do you think would receive the affiliate commissions?

Have you heard enough?
Then act now and support the “Save the Internet Movement on its way to Washington”, the participating Congress Men, and the Bill that could save your future.

It is important for your future, the future of your kids, the future of your country.
Act now!

John W. Furst

P.S.: Don't go to bed tonight before you have acted. Act now to protect net neutrality.


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Matt D on :


john, thanks for responding to the linkedIN bloggers carnival.

net neutrality has been percolating in Congress since I worked there in 2006. it is indeed a complicated issue that needs to be thoroughly explained.

how would net neutrality be enforced?

i tend to think that if one broadband provider did not charge content providers for high speed access and one did, the latter would go out of business, because people would not want to use it. similar to the way that google, by providing a good service that people want to use, displaced search engines that charged for rank and inclusion.

what am i missing? this is an important issue, but it would seem to me that some kind of collusion among broadband companies would be necessary in order to make the information superhighway a toll road of sorts. and that would be illegal.

word UP.


Google Advertising Dublin on :


To a large extent, the Internet is still free -- having search engines, SEO tools, translators, Wikipedia, etc. offered for free. The Internet would retrogress, if telecommunication companies regulated and taxed it. The beauty of new media is that it is fully accessible to everyone with a connection.

Jennier M. on :


Exactly that's in jeopardy. Thanks for your comment.

David Hurley on :


Hi John,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Great video.

BTW, I came here as part of the Triiibes twitter experiment. Next stop - twitter about this!

Best wishes,

David Hurley

John W. Furst on :


Hi David!

I just read that this post has been chosen. I really believe that means something. Let's move on this. (I just made the new graphic on TOP to better catch people's attention!)


David Hurley on :


Hi John,

I must admit "net neutrality" left me feeling, well... neutral!

But then phrases like "throttle the speed... blocking... charging web owners" certainly aroused my interest!!

Michael Cayley on :


It is an important issue and this post is a good introduction to the issues.

Good luck with the experiment John.


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