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Busy, Busy, Busy, Bankrupt - Dead

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©2008 by John W. Furst for E-biz Booster Blog

Get Rich Schefren's new report “The Entrepreneurial Emergency - Uncertainty Syndrome”.

This eye opening report reveals the easiest and most important way to give our business the extra, quickest, most potent boost possible.

Are you working more and more for less? Are you scarifying your personal life for your business?

What is holding your back?
  • misperception about marketing mistakes
  • flying blind
  • linear thinking
  • inefficient work style
  • no network
  • outdated marketing or
  • buyer bottlenecks

Get Rich Schefren's new report “The Entrepreneurial Emergency -- Uncertainty Syndrome”.

The live broadcast is over, but you still can get the report. At least now.
Rich is still live on his 24+ hour broadcast at Started 2008 Aug 18 12 noon Easter time as in New York (might be over when you are reading this)

Get the report first!

The Entrepreneurial Emergency -- Uncertainty Syndrome
or at Rich Schefren's Blog

John W. Furst

P.S.: What did you get out of this report?


E-Biz Booster Blog on : What Fuel For Your Business Growth?

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When you get stuck, you have two options. Do something.Do nothing. Check out this video. It made me laugh out. Before you call them idiots, think about… metaphorically most people are a bit like this when it comes to life. If the video is n


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Stephen on :


Thanks for the tip, John. Did you read it? Why did you waste time with making this video then?

John W. Furst on :


Your comment makes me laugh.

I made this video in record time. Not thinking much about it. Setup the camera, press RECORD, talk, and put it online without much ado.

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