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Twitter Nonsense

Twitter MarketingWhile Seth Godin writes about brands, meatballs and social media (↑) today, I was wondering about having seen so much nonsense on twitter.

Did you notice the race for followers on Twitter?
“How many do you have?
I got 34 new followers last hour alone […]”

Some people are crazy with their I follow you back strategy. All they do is brag with their stats. I think this is useless.

That makes them followers, sheep-walkers.

Isn't it the quality of contacts what really counts?

Following 4,567 randomly chosen people is nonsense. And being followed by 2,456 doesn't mean anything, if those people don't care about what you have to say.

What should a leader do?

Probably connect with other leaders and communicate with them. When you constantly tweet content that matters to some people, they will find you and follow you naturally.

That said, the profile of a leader looks more like this.
Following 49
Followed by 1,456

Update: I just received an interesting questions.
“You don't think leaders should be listening to their tribes?”

Here is my answer:

Leaders should listen to their tribe, but twitter is not the right tool for it.

You don't want to follow the “I go to bed”, “I brush my teeth”, “my boy friend sucks” tweets.

You can search for tweets about the subject of your leadership without having to follow each member of your tribe.

I don't think twitter works as two way communication. If you follow 500 people and I follow 500 people we won't even notice eachothers' tweets, because they fly by so quickly.

If you follow 50 and still have managed to get 1,456 followers, it's a strong indicator that you might have something to say. Something of value. Why otherwise would those people have found you? Not with the usual. “John W. Furst is following you on Twitter now” email.

Does it make sense? Leave a comment below.

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John W. Furst

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Tom Volkar on :


What if you are a developing leader? I don't totally agree with you. I think your number of followers and those you follow ought to be more equitable than you example. because then you are following for support as well as communication.

Pat on :


I have been so bad at keeping up with twitter lately. For a while I was addicted to it, but now it seems like too much. Maybe I am following too many people to keep up with. Anyway, thanks for the interesting post.

Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!!


SimplyForties on :


I've just started on Twitter and am still trying to figure it out. Thanks for your information.

Anonymous on :


Exactly. Be sure to review your twitter profile. It does tell you quite a lot. Happy New Year!

Mary Stanton on :


What does the twitter profile tell one? Please, elaborate.

Happy new year, too.

Masajes Reynaldo on :


A greeting from Spain.

Passed by this blog by chance and liked his ma and wave energy.

Enjoy your meal and continue.


(blog in Spanish language)

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