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How Safe Is Your Web Business?

Is your Web income at risk?

Does this sound like a dumb question to you?

Only because you have the “Hacker Safe Logo” legitimately on your Web site doesn’t mean your web-based business is 100% safe.

Your site doesn’t need to be attacked by criminals there are many different possibilities for having your web based income stream disrupted. Now I remember that I wrote about the subject of protecting your virtual assets back in December 2007, too.

Think about those scenarios:
  • Google drops you from the index.
  • Your web host doesn’t pay its bills and gets disconnected.
  • Your site lands on a black-list index of phishing sites.
  • Your PPC account gets suspended.
  • All your super affiliates promote your competitor only all of a sudden.
  • Nobody gets to your site because of large scale DNS problems.
  • You have great “sales” videos on your site, but they disappear from where they are hosted.
  • People are buying but the payment gateway is down or the guys from your merchant account freeze it.

These are real world examples by the way. Having the web host getting disconnected happened to me and my client back in 1996. What I did not mention was that they had a fire in their building prior to that, which took the site down for quite some time also before they finally went out of business and into bankruptcy.

What can you add to this list?

Let us know. Leave your comment.

I think the point of my question is:
“Always play it safe. Diversify and make redundant as much as you can.”

For example:
  • Have more than 1 web site that makes money.
  • Spread those sites across different servers at different hosts.
  • Don’t throw all your eggs in the same company
  • Advertise on many channels.
  • Sell more than 1 products.

You get the picture, do you?

What do you think?
Let us know in the comments below.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Most of you won’t notice but this blog cannot be reached from the Telefonica network in Spain for more than 36 hours now. Imagine this were my sole source of income.

However, I might add this is the first major screwup by Telefonica I noticed within 5 years. In general I am very satisfied with their service.

“But shit happens” ~Forrest Gump
Be prepared.


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Elcoj on :


Thanks for article.

I like to read your blog a lot.

Michelle on :


I like this article. You have came out with some true

scenarios, no body expect them. But there should be ways to avoid these problem for example, to avoid removal from google, always use ad firm like This is just an example of how to avoid one problem.

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