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[MUST SEE] this is the best pitch I've ever seen!

Is this the best Pitch Ever?

No matter if you have attended the webinar I recommended, you MUST SEE this sales video. (And you want to take notes.)

Most likely I was not the only one who has sent you emails about Perry Belcher's course. You likely will ask yourself...


In all honesty I have not seen the course myself, but …
  • I have seen Perry's presentation at Frank Kern's Masscontrol 2.0 Workshop in San Diego in April 2009. He got standing ovations. (From me too!)

    But not only that, … Perry also gave killer answers in the Q&A section of the workshop. This guy has what it takes to pull this program through. Absolutely, yes.

  • Look at this product launch itself … a MASTERPIECE. And I am seeing it from both sides. Another “GO Perry” from me.

  • The webinar yesterday, delivered! Don't rely on my world. Social Media is filled with positive feedback.

  • Not to forget, Ryan Deiss is involved, too, and his products deliver! Big time.

  • want you to check it out for yourself.

However, here is something I CAN tell you

I was on the webinar yesterday. That rocked. I just saw the sales video!
It is a masterpiece, I really want you to see this.

→ The Best Sales Video Ever?

… and I am not the only marketer who shares this opinion.

I teach you the fine art of selling here (from time to time), right?

Well, then this video will be the absolute best “low tech” down and dirty sales video you have ever seen in your life.

It's so good that I almost want to order FIVE copies of the course.

Seriously, you want to see an absolute masterful pitch - you want to watch this right now:

→ The Best Sales Video Ever?

Drop everything right now. The course is selling fast. And once it is sold out the video will be gone forever. Watch the video and you will see why.

→ The Best Sales Video Ever?

Do I recommend this product?

Absolutely, yes!

Should you get it?

If it is as good as Ryan's and Perry's other products, then it will definitely exceed your expectations.

Sitting here on the Canary Islands I did not have a chance to review the course for you. But the whole campaign speaks for itself. Social media is transparent and Perry is as authentic as a marketer can be. That's my impression. If I had any doubt about Ryan's or Perry's integrity I wouldn't recommend this course. Wouldn't do it.

All I know is that I implemented a couple of changes on some of my niche websites — just from the free information — and it worked. Actually better than I have expected.

John W. Furst


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Jason on :


For sure a great launch, but it's not too bad that it is over now.

How long till the next launch?

Anonymous on :


Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.


[note by admin: link to questionable site removed.]

storyboarding on :


Well I think this is a good step but in the end it's all about how you put yourself to your clients point of view.

Signature: Telling stories with right storyboarding presentation together with PowerPoint presentation is like owning a printing press and printing your own currency.

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