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What Fuel For Your Business Growth?

When you get stuck, you have two options.
  • Do something.
  • Do nothing.

Check out this video.

It made me laugh out. Before you call them idiots, think about… metaphorically most people are a bit like this when it comes to life.

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Rich Schefren outlines the right fuel and a strategy that gets you back on track with your business growth.

What Single Trait Separates…
The Winners From The Losers?


Winners Spend Time Thinking

Are You Spending…
More Time Learning Than Thinking?


Get To Work!

Check out Rich's post if you want to learn more:
Business Growth… Fueled By The Power Of Thought! (↑)

John W. Furst


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Money Machine on :


Why don't they turn around go down and take the stairs?

Kind of funny. You were right.


Irene on :


LoL. You should put more videos on your blog.

Jodi Kaplan on :


Ha! That reminds me of Seth Godin's story about the flight stuck in Albany, NY (it was supposed to go to White Plains (several hours south), but got diverted because of bad weather.

He reserved a car from his laptop, and invited the other passengers to ride with him (free). Nobody took him up on it.

They preferred to sit there, and be sheep.

Not to mention the opportunity they missed!

John W. Furst on :


Hey Jodi,

You know, flying is much safer than driving. What is it good for to sit in the car with the Seth Godin, but having a higher risk of dying from just doing that.


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