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Podcast About Tribes And Speech About Purple Cows (Revisited)

This is a post I had written much earlier on a static web-page. Now I am importing it into the blog. It’s not such a bad idea to revisit Seth Godin’s work from time to time anyway. Enjoy.

Seth Godin - A Podcast and a video from a TED talk

Shortly after I turned on the computer this morning, I decided that I will continue to write about Seth Godin and provide you with two great resources about smart marketing.

The Podcast for Tribes

I just finished reading the book and published my honest review on my blog.
Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst
John, 2008-10-25

On September 12th, 2008 Seth Godin had recorded an exclusive interview style podcast done by and for his community

(I don’t hot link there, because it is a private community — and will remain to be private — and all you would see is a login screen.)

In this roughly 47 minutes Seth talks about
  • His notion of Tribes
  • The Book: Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us

Listen to the Podcast now

Podcast with Seth Godin (audio only, 47 min.)

Are you finally inspired to buy the book?

You should be. This book is about
  • marketing and leadership,
  • about leadership and marketing,
  • about tribes.

The book is already an Amazon bestseller, the book is short and small and simple. It argues, as clearly as Seth is capable, that leadership is the best marketing tactic to any organization — a company, a school, a church, a job seeker.

Our role today is to find, connect and lead tribes in order to make change happen.

We see Tribes behind every successful brand, organization, politician, non profit and cause. And yet it seems almost impossible to attract a tribe. In this book, Seth tries to explain that the challenge is leadership, not marketing or hype.

Check it out now.

The TED talk

This remarkable talk at a TED conference in February 2003 is of timeless value. It’s related to the content of Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow”.

The talk is about 18 minutes long and quite entertaining as well as educating. Check it out.

Seth Godin speaking at TED in February 2003.
A timeless treasure.

Are you ready?

No wonder that Seth Godin became a well sought after speaker. He manages to say a lot with a few words and hits the target in the center.
  • Average products for average people doesn’t work anymore.
  • The TV industrial complex is broken.
  • Safe is risky.

  • Your products need to be remarkable. I.e. Worth having a remark made about them.

I did not count how many books Seth already has written, but it’s a lot. Some you might already have heard of. some you maybe have read. I noticed with me and with other folks that once you have read one books of Seth you want to read more of them.

Seth Godin is Famous For More Books

John W. Furst

P.S.: Before I forget.

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