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Email Marketing Tips - Edition 26

Update on Feb. 8, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the 26th edition of email marketing tips on October 14th, 2010.

In this edition I present hand picked articles about email marketing. Enjoy.

Editor’s Pick

Mark Brownlow presents False idols: four beliefs that can hurt your email marketing posted at Email Marketing Reports, saying, “Our basic beliefs about how our emails work aren’t as self-evident as we’d like to believe. There’s nothing like a bit of pointy-finger self-criticism to brighten up the marketing week.”

John’s comment: Excellent article. Check it out.

Barry Adams presents Keyword Research for Email Marketing posted at Internet Marketing Blog, saying, “When we think of keyword research we usually don’t think beyond search engines. However, keyword research has applications beyond SEO and PPC. Another online marketing discipline it applies to is email marketing — albeit with a different angle.”

John’s comment: Interesting analogy to SEO. Using the wrong words can get your campaign in trouble, especially with spam filters. :-)

Chrissane Sternal and Lisa Barone present 12 Email Marketing Tips For Small Business posted at Understanding Marketing, saying, “Email marketing is still one of the most common forms of customer communications and outreach. And while other forms of outreach have piqued the small business owner’s interest, such as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, email marketing is still central to the larger integrated marketing approach.”

John’s comment: A primer for small business owners to get started easily.

Mike Hillyer presents How To Send One Billion Email marketing Messages Per Month posted at Mike Hillyer’s Webspace, saying, “Contrary to what the image to the image above implies, there’s nothing inherently evil about sending a billion messages a month. Some of the businesses that move a billion messages a month include ESPs, social networks (some move more than a billion a day for that matter), social gaming sites and large online retailers.”

John’s comment: Interesting. Explains a lot of technical details and teaches what is involved with sending emails in huge quantities.

SendBlaster Email marketing Blog presents 7 Books To Enhance Your Email Marketing Skills posted at SendBlaster Email marketing Blog, saying, “If you are directly involved in email marketing activities and truly want to enhance your skills, it is also a good idea to spend some time reading printed books!”

John’s comment: Some good books on email marketing.

That concludes this edition of email marketing tips. Past posts and future hosts can be found on my email marketing tips blog carnival home page.

Continue reading the next issue: Email Marketing Tips - Edition 27.

John W. Furst

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