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Small Talk About Business - Comments Closed

Blogs, also known as Weblogs are a great innovation. They allow it to share opinions, but unlike most forums the focus is set on quality posts/articles. Whereas in forums the communication character — almost chat like, sometimes — is in the foreground.

Nowadays you find more and more blogs that have their comments closed. That hurts the communication, doesn't it. Authors of posts ask their reader about their opinion and at the same time they clash them a “Comments closed, but you can leave a trackback” right into their faces. In the case you do not know what a trackback is, I will explain it to you in a minute.

Let us start with a comment first.

  • A comment is simple text that you enter directly on the Web page, where you have read the post, that made you want to write a public reply. In addition many blogs allow you to subscribe to posts. Then you receive an email, when someone else writes another comments. That's what I call exchange of information.
Next to trackbacks.
  • Trackbacks are comments that have been written on other Web sites. You leave only a short piece of text and a link to your comment on the posters Web site.
Do you understand the difference?

Comments and trackbacks have been invented for a different purpose. One is for spontaneous communication the second serves as reference in your own article. But would you really write short, probably off-topic, comments as posts with trackbacks on your own blog. It might hurt the quality of your blog in the long run, when you do that too often.

That is the way I see it:

Comment closed means, “Don't bother with me, unless you write a high quality article and stick a link to my site in it. Hey, it better be good, because I have my finger on the delete button anyway.”

My answer: “This is too much for me. I prefer to keep my opinion by myself then, because you don't want it anyway.”

Occasionally, some bloggers bribe you with a great value, that might be worth the effort of writing a post with a trackback. However, it might not fit into the plan for scheduled post. Therefore I have started a second blog - E-Biz Small Talk (↑).

The last article I wrote there was about this same topic as this, but viewed from a slightly different angle.

Check it out know. Spammers Suck - They Hurt Usability (↑) Do you like the colors there, better? Let me know?

John W. Furst


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