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Podcast About Tribes And Speech About Purple Cows (Revisited)

This is a post I had written much earlier on a static web-page. Now I am importing it into the blog. It’s not such a bad idea to revisit Seth Godin’s work from time to time anyway. Enjoy.

Seth Godin - A Podcast and a video from a TED talk

Shortly after I turned on the computer this morning, I decided that I will continue to write about Seth Godin and provide you with two great resources about smart marketing.

The Podcast for Tribes

I just finished reading the book and published my honest review on my blog.
Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst
John, 2008-10-25

On September 12th, 2008 Seth Godin had recorded an exclusive interview style podcast done by and for his community

(I don’t hot link there, because it is a private community — and will remain to be private — and all you would see is a login screen.)

In this roughly 47 minutes Seth talks about
  • His notion of Tribes
  • The Book: Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us

Listen to the Podcast now
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What Drives Us? Bob Poole Asked Daniel Pink

Bob Poole
Bob Poole (↑) lives his life following a path with heart. He writes about Sales, Marketing, Creativity and Leadership.

I just noticed my blogging colleague Bob Poole put the audio recording (mp3) of his interview with best-selling author Daniel Pink online.

Interview With Dan Pink (↑).”

Bob has a sales background and, therefore, they also touch on the subject of motivating sales people quite a bit.

Check it out. The interview is about 16 minutes long. A transcript (↑) is already available on Bob's blog.


By the way: I already put Dan's book on my Amazon wishlist.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (↑).”

Learning about human psychology and applying this knowledge has been always helpful in sales and marketing. Remember the old saying?
“People buy what they WANT not what they NEED.”

John W. Furst

Recording: Easy FTC Compliance Seminar - What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step

Serial Entrepreneur Robert Skrob
Serial Entrepreneur Robert Skrob

The recording of a free tele-seminar call from last Thursday is online now.

Easy FTC Compliance Seminar – What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step (↑)

The host Robert Skrob (↑) discusses with his guests — both experienced lawyers in Internet respectively direct response marketing and related fields — Peter Hoppenfeld (↑) and Michael E. Young (↑). If I remember correctly the call is about 1 hour 12 minutes and packed with great information.

They do not simply rehash general information that’s already circulating on the Internet about those new FTC guidelines in effect since December 1, 2009 in the USA. This is an advanced call for experienced marketers.

Actually they start answering real world questions from their members right away.
Not only that I was listening live myself, I also had submitted a question which was answered during the call.
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FTC Changes For Internet Marketers Coming Up Fast Dec. 01, 2009

Minisite Marketing Expert Jim Edwards
Internet Marketing Expert - Jim Edwards

New rules and guidelines for online Internet marketers and vendors are coming up fast. The date they become effective in the USA is Tuesday, December 1, 2009.

I guess some webmasters will be busy over the weekend to update their sites if they have not taken action earlier.

But what is this all about anyway?

Why not ask an expert?

Jim Edwards did.

FTC - Federal Trade Commission

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Clarifies New Internet Marketing, Blogging & Affiliate Advertising Guidelines With Jim Edwards (↑)

I strongly recommend you go over there and take opportunity to get this FREE information. Jim offers you 3 options.
  1. Webinar Video Replay

  2. Webinar Audio Replay

  3. PDF Transcript

    (The PDF version is for Jim’s email subscribers only. But guess what, you can sign up for his list on the spot.)
Get all that legal info for FREE.

Jim Edwards interviews Rich Cleland, Assistant Deputy FTC (↑)

In previous posts I have also written about those changes in guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission in the USA for Internet marketing practices. I also wrote about similar — even tighter — legislation for Internet marketers in the EU (European Union).

At this point I want to thank Andy Beard (↑) who mentioned this interview in his latest blog post, “Harder Facts About Comment Spam (↑).”

Take a legal notepad, some time in the evening and listen to that valuable information. Or at least get the PDF for later reference. No idea how long it will be online.

Enjoy the weekend.

John W. Furst

10 Hour Mastermind - Andy Jenkins With John Reese

Entrepreneurial Success Stories: John Reese And Andy Jenkins
Two Entrepreneurial Heroes

Have a nice beautiful Sunday!

This will be a very short blog post but (hopefully) will keep you busy for a long while.

This information could severely impact entrepreneurs' chances (yours) for immense success in business.

But why should you listen to two crazy guys, one with a Viking helmet, one in front of the pyramids?

The answer is quite simple: “Both of them are already at a stage in life where they can do whatever they wish to do. And they have big fun running their businesses.” Sounds like a great role model for me.

Listen to what two of the very successful entrepreneurs in the Internet marketing community,
Andy Jenkins and John Reese,
have to share with you.

Listen to there looooong mastermind call:
  • Listen
  • Take notes
  • Learn
  • Model
  • Harvest the fruits
And of course:
  • ENJOY!
  • Did I say, “It’s FREE!”
  • And leave a comment for me, please.

Get their proven answers to questions like:

  • Part 1 – Why you leave so much money on the table
  • Part 2 – Should you compete in Big Markets or Niche Markets?
  • Part 3 – Should You focus on ONE Business or seek Multiple Streams of Income?
  • Part 4 – How much is it costing you to be COOL to your customers even when (especially when) they’re WRONG…?

  • Part 5 – The Wisdom and Rambo and Andy Dufrane.
  • Part 6 – The Action to Acquire Method — How to get ANYTHING you want.
  • Part 7 – The Honest To GOD Truth about Automated Money-Getting.
  • Part 8 – The Value of “LIVE”

Now, without further ado:

John W. Furst

P.S.: Leave a comment here! How do you like this kind of info from me?

Sick Of Recession Talk? Seth Godin About Big Small Businesses

Seth Godin drinking his own marketing medicine
Seth Godin, “Are You Boring?”

Personally I am so sick of all this recession talk. It's everywhere. Now I am reading 50 job applicants for each job opening in the United Kingdom. That number by itself doesn't say anything. I don't get it why mass media always distorts reality and makes it appear more negative than it is. People should stop buying into this “negativity reporting”.

Need some positive news?

It has been historically proved that a recession is actually a good time to start off a new business. I know that self-employment or being an employer is not for everyone,... That's true. But if you have it in your veins t work for yourself than you'll appreciate the following interview with Seth Godin.

Even if you are working as employee you can get some take aways from this interview and help change the organization you are involved with for the better. Many businesses are on the wrong track without even knowing it.

You do not want to miss this interview.
See what's inside.

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