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What Drives Us? Bob Poole Asked Daniel Pink

Bob Poole
Bob Poole (↑) lives his life following a path with heart. He writes about Sales, Marketing, Creativity and Leadership.

I just noticed my blogging colleague Bob Poole put the audio recording (mp3) of his interview with best-selling author Daniel Pink online.

Interview With Dan Pink (↑).”

Bob has a sales background and, therefore, they also touch on the subject of motivating sales people quite a bit.

Check it out. The interview is about 16 minutes long. A transcript (↑) is already available on Bob's blog.


By the way: I already put Dan's book on my Amazon wishlist.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (↑).”

Learning about human psychology and applying this knowledge has been always helpful in sales and marketing. Remember the old saying?
“People buy what they WANT not what they NEED.”

John W. Furst

101 Reasons for Personal Change (More or Less)

Inspired by Seth Godin's Linchpin - A Personal Development Book
Old Linchpin on a Shore

Once again Seth Godin has bet the farm and seems to have won, already. (Probably not the farm, but you get the point, don’t you.)

He decided to bypass the traditional act of sending out dozens of review copies of his latest book to journalists of main stream media. The book title — you might have heard about it already — is

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Instead he sent preview copies to people who care, members of his tribe.

As a result the Internet is already flooded — in a good way — with blog posts, tweets, videos, … all sorts of real world testimonials about how much they love the book.

Is there anything else that could help sell the book better?

I do not think so.

Are You Indispensable?

What type of people are indispensable in those difficult times, in which we are very close to the edge economically and environmentally.

I have assembled variations of short excerpts and thoughts from many conversations between Seth Godin and his readers who have received a preview hard-copy of Linchpin: Are You indispensable?.

101 Reasons For Personal Change

Now I have promised to give you 101 reason why you should change. Well, what about this,
“Imagine you could be one of the persons described here. Wouldn’t that be enough reason to change?

Here is the secret, You can!”

People who bring art to work, people who reach out, make a connection, cause change to happen.

People who refuse to become an interchangeable part, someone who merely follows the manual.

People who love their job.

People who can spread ideas, build a tribe. … if you can get your ideas to spread, you get to build what you want.

People who are brave enough to do marketing.

People who make decisions.

→ Continue reading:

Change, Progress, Excel, Lead (2 inspirational videos)

Progress Makes You Happy

It seems that striving for further improving with personal development will be a key factor for being successful in 2010. When I say I will reach out more to other people in 2010, that is a statement for personal development, isn't it.

And Seth Godin also has devoted his latest book Linchpin to be a very personal one.

Two long videos about
  • Taking a Stand
  • Change
  • Law of Attraction
  • Challenges
  • Success
  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Engagement

I just have put a couple of tidbits and gems in my personal vault.

Pick or watch all.
Enjoy; yes, the videos are long.

Timothy Ferriss: “… I have fear this is dangerous. There is a thin line between being brave and between being foolish.”
The First Time Online — Enjoy While You Can (↑)
Trial by Fire (~45 min)

Video by Kevin Rose starring Tim Ferriss

Tony Robbins: “Progress is what makes us happy”
New Year, New Life-Don’t be trapped by the calendar. Create the life you want right now. Here’s where to start. (↑)
(~20 min)

Tony Robbins inspires
Video is embedded in Tony's blog post and will open in a new window.

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John W. Furst

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