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Colour tools, palettes, schemes and theory - Thanks David Airey!

(Photo: David Airey) Just a quick post, but I thought I should share those wonderful resources with you. So far I did not get any complaints that I wrote some Web site development related posts lately. Okay, here is another one.

Graphic Designer David Airey wrote a post about resources for anything that has to do with colors.
  • Colour palettes and combinations
  • Colour theory
  • Colour tools
→ Colour tools, palettes, schemes and theory

I did not count them, but for sure there are more than 50 different links, each with a short description.

Wow, thanks David!

Now, there is quick release, if you have the “color block”... Check it out and bookmark it with your favorite social bookmarking tools.

John W. Furst

Bye-Bye Golden Layout

Orange/Blue Colour Scheme
The 'Old' FCON21 homepage. (Click thumbnail to enlarge!)
Do you notice the new color scheme of the Fcon21 sites? Last night we have updated our Web sites (↑) and this E-Biz Booster Blog with a new color scheme. I would not say that it is a brand new layout, because almost everything is in its usual place. Navigation, footer elements, etc … But you might notice one additional function. Google Site Search. We'll eventually cover that in a future post in more detail.

After recommending a site search function for each larger site in John's post, “Site Search Do you have one”, we finally have it implemented for ourselves.

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