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Email Marketing And Troubles With Timezones

I have the feeling that I will write another post very soon. Therefore, I keep this one extra short.

How many emails do you receive each day?

Let’s cut out spam and probably transactional emails like New Subscriber, New Comment, …

I’ll usually get up to 100 a day. However, there are still individual emails that I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

Last Sunday was such a day.

I got up knowing I should receive an important email. But nothing. Not at 9am, not at 10am, 11am, … It simply didn’t find its way into my inbox or the spam folder. It actually has not been sent before Monday as I learned later.

As insignificant as this episode might be, it taught me and other marketers with whom I have discussed this an important lesson.

I really felt disappointed; Actually already had made plans to deal with the subject matter. (I know. It was Sunday. So what.)

As I see now, strangely enough, it did not come to my mind to simply grab the phone, or write an email to the source saying,
“What’s up? Weren’t you supposed to send me something?”

Sure that would have been a smart thing to do. Probably I am not that smart. But I bet your customers or members of your email list aren’t that smart either. Let me rephrase that: Just do not assume that they are that smart or even care.

Here Comes The Lesson

That’s actually a dream come true for anybody who is going through the effort of building a permission based email list when your members can’t wait to get your next message.
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Email Deliverability Best Practices And Tips

E-Mail Black Hole
Many businesses and bloggers who just have started their own email newsletter or ezine take it for granted that their emails get delivered to all recipients. Indeed they are very surprised when they find out very soon that reality is quite different.

Did you really expect that your email message gets delivered to all — for example — 5,000 subscribers all the time, did you?

Your email marketing service provider might advertise with a deliverability rate of 95% or more, but that's not the full story. Those figures are in most cases based on hard bounces when the sender is notified that the email is not being accepted by the recipient because of an invalid email address or the sender being blocked. Those instances are rare nowadays.

The truth is many email messages are simply being lost!

They are filtered out by corporate firewalls or large ISPs (like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail) without informing the sender or recipient about this fact. In some cases your message is pushed into the spam folder even when your spam score analyzer indicated, “this message doesn't look like spam at all.”

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