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DNS Problems Make My Web Site Disappear

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I have heard and read about a lot of problems with the Domain Name Service (DNS-Service) on an almost global level. I am not sure—nor did I look deeper into it—if this is related to the allegedly committed cyber-attacks originating from North Korea.

Web surfers in the USA, in Europe, in Asia, and South America reported on Twitter that they are having troubles to reach specific web sites or any sites on the Internet in general.

I did not even notice those conversations unless I couldn’t reach my (this) blog all of a sudden. I realized very quickly that the site is up and running and as a matter of fact this is the very only domain I noticed that I have problems with.

The vast majority of my readers won’t even notice the outage. It’s related to a problem my local ISP Telefonica seems to have with their DNS-service.

In less technical terms:

A DNS service translated the domain name into an IP-address and tells the browser on what server the web pages you are trying to reach are hosted.

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