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10 Hour Mastermind - Andy Jenkins With John Reese

Entrepreneurial Success Stories: John Reese And Andy Jenkins
Two Entrepreneurial Heroes

Have a nice beautiful Sunday!

This will be a very short blog post but (hopefully) will keep you busy for a long while.

This information could severely impact entrepreneurs' chances (yours) for immense success in business.

But why should you listen to two crazy guys, one with a Viking helmet, one in front of the pyramids?

The answer is quite simple: “Both of them are already at a stage in life where they can do whatever they wish to do. And they have big fun running their businesses.” Sounds like a great role model for me.

Listen to what two of the very successful entrepreneurs in the Internet marketing community,
Andy Jenkins and John Reese,
have to share with you.

Listen to there looooong mastermind call:
  • Listen
  • Take notes
  • Learn
  • Model
  • Harvest the fruits
And of course:
  • ENJOY!
  • Did I say, “It’s FREE!”
  • And leave a comment for me, please.

Get their proven answers to questions like:

  • Part 1 – Why you leave so much money on the table
  • Part 2 – Should you compete in Big Markets or Niche Markets?
  • Part 3 – Should You focus on ONE Business or seek Multiple Streams of Income?
  • Part 4 – How much is it costing you to be COOL to your customers even when (especially when) they’re WRONG…?

  • Part 5 – The Wisdom and Rambo and Andy Dufrane.
  • Part 6 – The Action to Acquire Method — How to get ANYTHING you want.
  • Part 7 – The Honest To GOD Truth about Automated Money-Getting.
  • Part 8 – The Value of “LIVE”

Now, without further ado:

John W. Furst

P.S.: Leave a comment here! How do you like this kind of info from me?

Most Important Lesson About Your Career

Career Advice at its finest
“Stay Hungry” by Becky Blanton.

Let me be honest with you right up-front. My friends and I need your help. But, we've prepared something for you in return. All you need to do is to vote for “Stay Hungry” in the Johnny Bunko contest. And tell all your friends to do the same.

Update Sep 2009:
Becky Blanton's Blog
The contest is long over, but you can visit Becky's new blog.

And now I'll tell you why

Did I tell you that we have a cool, free, funny, smart ebook for you. More about this later. However…

(Watch the animoto video inside!)

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Todays Lesson: Burying BlogRush Syndicate

BlogRush Alexa Rank
Hype About BlogRush
It started out with a big, big rush around September 15th 2007, when legendary Internet marketer, guru, self-made multi-millionaire John Reese, fired up his revolutionary BlogRush network. Everybody and their mother was blogging, tweeting, and talking about it. The big run on BlogRush showed the size of John's tribe. His brand new site approached the 1,000 Alexa ranking mark within a couple of days.

Nothing to buy, nothing to sell. The service was free and should deliver a lot of highly targeted traffic to everybody's blog. All you needed to do was to install the widget.
The promise:
Lots of free traffic fast especially for smaller blogs

Some wrote this new blog syndication network were not as revolutionary as John tried to sell it to us. Others claimed to know that everything John touches will turn into pure gold.

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Are You In A Tribe, Yet?

Seth Godin invites you to join a members-only tribe. A tribe for marketers, for leaders, for those focused on building communities or creating products or spreading ideas.


[Photo: Seth Godin]
Seth Godin
But who is Seth Godin anyway?
  • WRITER of bestselling books about marketing.
  • SPEAKER with a unique style and great reputation.
  • ENTREPRENEUR with a track record.


Seth will create this online community to prove once more he is someone who walks his talk and to do things little bit different, again. His new book which is scheduled for October 2008 describes the marketing power of tribes…

You guessed right, the online community will be part of the prove of the concept.

To find out:
  • What's involved and
  • What is in it for you.

Simply go to Seth's Blog post: “Are You In A Tribe?

John W. Furst

P.S.: In order to get into the community you need to be committed enough tp pre-order Seth's new book (e.g. at for ~14.00 US$). Admittance until no later then August 10th or earlier.