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Ranking #1 on Google - Are The Profits Rolling In?

E-Biz Booster Blog Is Number 1 on Google
E-Biz Booster Blog Is Number #1 On Google
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Are you heading for #1 rankings on Google, MSN, and Yahoo? You should, because it definitely helps your business. However, it is only one part of the equation for a successful Internet presence. In the following I'll tell you how I got it, but probably more important I'll tell you about the other factors needed as well. A #1 ranking on any search engine is meaningless unless those other factors are in place, too.

You might have “heard” the recent stories about quick rankings from online videos. I thought I have to test it and it was a happy coincidence that Rich Schefren's 66 second video contest came along at the same time. What a great opportunity to get started.

At first look at the search results page “Number 1 on Google” for the broad matching phrase attention ebiz (Enlarge the thumbnail in the upper left corner of this post). I made this screen shot yesterday. Today, I am on position #2.

You also will notice the 2nd, indented search result. That mainly comes from having a good internal linking strategy on this blog and the fact that the key word “attention” appears on every singe page of this blog. That's how I have setup the promotion for the Attention Age Doctrine. I'll talk more about this later.

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Winning Titles And 8 Tips For More Traffic

“More readers” is your ultimate goal for your Blog. The more readers you attract on a regular basis, the more your Blog will work for you. Whatever you want to get out of it, like money, influence on public opinion, etc. Follow some basic rules for writing on the Web and the same kind of information you provide will gain more popularity.

Did you every write an article or a Blog post and many readers left a comment how great and valuable your info is. They say, they stumbled it, dugg it, bookmarked, printed it and put it on their board right in front of them. You feel flattered and think you have hit it this time.

Then later you look at your Web stats and recognize those readers were about the only ones that have read it. Sad story.

What went wrong? Most likely your title, your headline, sucks and probably your first paragraph, too.

To understand this you must realize how Web users find the way to your post. Your loyal readers, those who probably left the comments, have subscribed to your Blog's RSS feed, email announcement list or simply type in your URI and read whatever you write.

All the others, whose attention you wish to catch, only see a link to your site somewhere. Based on that link, they quickly decide: “Click or Not To Click”. How much they get to see depends on where they come across the link to your post. Here are a few examples.
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Tools to Find Out How People Search

Knowing what people are looking for and how they are looking for it, gives you a competitive advantage. You can improve your strategy and become more visible to your prospects. I will show you a great tool that will get you better and faster results.

Let us talk about organic search.

I want you to do a little experiment for yourself, but you will need an “assistant”. This might be a co-worker, a spouse, a friend. Someone who knows how to surf and search on the Web.

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