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[MUST SEE] this is the best pitch I've ever seen!

Is this the best Pitch Ever?

No matter if you have attended the webinar I recommended, you MUST SEE this sales video. (And you want to take notes.)

Most likely I was not the only one who has sent you emails about Perry Belcher's course. You likely will ask yourself...


In all honesty I have not seen the course myself, but …
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New Features - Autoresponder With More Flexibility For Scheduling Email Follow-Up Sequences

John W. Furst

What an email autoresponder does can be explained very easily. Once a new subscriber has joined your email newsletter, your autoresponder service will send messages which you have prepared over time.

An autoresponder has many useful applications

For example:

Martin signs up for an email course about expanding his vocabulary on Monday. For one month he will get 5 emails a week with new words and their meaning.

All you had to do was to prepare all messages for the complete course once.

Andre signs up two or three weeks later, but on a Thursday. He will receive 5 messages on the following days, have 2 days off and will receive 5 messages again.

You will notice the difference between Martin and Andre. Martin has off on the weekends, Andre doesn't.

Of course, Andre doesn't need to read his emails on the weekend, but let's say he decided to read his course on Monday evening, he will find 3 emails from you. The daily course for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Now my favorite email marketing service provider AWeber has solved this problem very elegantly.

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Autoresponders by AWeber

To return to my example from above. By setting the send window for the follow-up messages of this email course to Mo-Fr you can make sure that Andre and everybody else who did not sign up for the course on a Monday gets their rest on the weekend.

What applications and examples can you come up with that utilize this new feature?

Let us know, leave a comment.

In case you are not using AWeber for your email marketing already. I think it's the perfect time to give them a try.

Take AWeber's 30 day risk free trial.

Email marketing is the most lucrative marketing and advertising channel when it comes to online marketing.

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Can You Make Money From Ads

making money online We'll have another beautiful day that's probably why I got up at 7am this morning. While I was making myself breakfast, I thought about the question whether ads do work or not.

Honestly I did not think more than a second about my answer. Here it is.
“Yes, of course good ads do work. Great ads work like gangbusters.”

That's my official answer to one of Seth Godin's latest blog posts in which he asked exactly that, Do Ads work?
  • Small and large direct marketing companies know it.
  • Many successful Internet marketers know it.
  • Do you know it?

All you need to do is

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John Reese Buys The Entire Make Money Online Market

[Preview: Traffic Secrets 2.0]
Traffic Secrets 2.0
If you are following the Internet Marketing community for some time, you certainly will have heard about John Reese and his Million Dollar Payday. I have previously written about massive Internet Marketing launches and John Reese's BlogRush widget.

He was the first one, who brought in 1 Million Dollars from a product launch in a single day. This was with his legendary product Traffic Secrets, which sold like crazy for 997.00 US$.

4 years later it's time for John to release a brand new product called Traffic Secrets 2.0, which will go live on
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
at 12:00 EDT (as in New York, USA)

You might have received a lot of emails from John's marketing friends talking about the product and you might also have seen all 3 videos John has released to promote his sophisticated course.

If not, here is the link to the 3rd video and you also find the links to the 2 previous videos there.
Traffic Secrets Video 3
(not an affiliate link)

In this 21 minute long video John Reese talks about
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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Grow Continuously

Your Business Needs To Grow

While waking up this morning I suddenly found myself having a pen in my hand and scribbling 2 ideas for a new blog post on a piece of paper. Here is the first one.

Probably you can help me out and post as a comment, who had said the following originally.

“If your business doesn't grow it dies.”,

It is certainly true.

As the population grows, as markets grow, someone else will takeover your niche soon. If not, you are in the wrong market and hopefully close to retirement with enough retirement funds saved.

What are the drivers:
  • Number of sales
  • Average sales price

So why would you like the product of those variables to grow continuously, strictly monotonically?

This is not supposed to be a scientific article. No. I only want to get you engaged thinking about those issues in your own business. So I really only give you a short list and not much more.

Let's start out with a solo entrepreneur, because it's real easy to start thinking from this point on and the rest applies for big corporations as well.

Here is my Top-10 list, why your business needs to grow:
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Tit For Tat Carnival February 2008 - Part 1

Blog Carnival
Thanks For The Carnival
I have introduced my Fake Tit For Tat Blog Carnival in January as a means of saying “Thank You” to those editors that have used my posts. I thought it's time to do this right now. Therefore, I split February in 2 parts and will list the rest of the carnivals at the end of this month.

The main benefits of being present in the Carnival-O-Sphere is that you get more exposure easily. I just made up that term Carnival-O-Sphere. It doesn't take long to submit your current post to (↑). The Pro-Bloggers actually outsource that part and have their assistants do that rather simple task.

1. You get new readers.

Although this heavily depends on the quality and popularity of the Carnival. There are basically 2 types of carnivals in my opinion: → Continue reading: