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What Drives Us? Bob Poole Asked Daniel Pink

Bob Poole
Bob Poole (↑) lives his life following a path with heart. He writes about Sales, Marketing, Creativity and Leadership.

I just noticed my blogging colleague Bob Poole put the audio recording (mp3) of his interview with best-selling author Daniel Pink online.

Interview With Dan Pink (↑).”

Bob has a sales background and, therefore, they also touch on the subject of motivating sales people quite a bit.

Check it out. The interview is about 16 minutes long. A transcript (↑) is already available on Bob's blog.


By the way: I already put Dan's book on my Amazon wishlist.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (↑).”

Learning about human psychology and applying this knowledge has been always helpful in sales and marketing. Remember the old saying?
“People buy what they WANT not what they NEED.”

John W. Furst

Is Life Hitting You With A Brick?

Nobody can win all the time, every time! Facing obstacles is the norm when walking down the road of life

I just discovered this motivational, timeless video with Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation) telling 3 stories of his life.

Take the 15 minutes that it takes to watch this video, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

“Don't live other people's life…
Have the courage to follow your heart ...
Stay hungry, stay foolish!”

John W. Furst