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SOPA Is Off The Table For Now

Censorship is on hold
“SOPA is on hold”

When I heard the news that SOPA in its current form has been put on ice, I was relieved. I had outlined the reasons why I am opposing SOPA (↑) a couple of days ago on this blog.

Another battle in this ongoing war has been won, but the war is not over yet. Will there ever be an end to the debate?

Like look at this article in the Forbes magazine about what happened 30 years before SOPA, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) feared the VCR (↑) (video cassette recorder).

The new target is the Internet

There will always be a struggle between those who wish to defend the status quo and those who embrace change.
Don’t be afraid of “the New,” embrace it and look for opportunities.
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Impressive Inauguration Mega-Pixel Foto With Mars Technology

US-President Obama's Inauguration
President Obama's Inauguration - Impressive

When I first saw this interactive mega-pixel photo I certainly thought, “Wow!”, and since I have mentioned Obama in my post Yes You Can, I decided to share it with you.

Check it out. It is quite impressive, you can pan and zoom around and therefore it's fun too.

Photographer David Bergman used the same NASA technology that was used to create the stunning picture from our Red Planet Mars.

The result is an unprecedented 1 474 mega-pixels photo. In comparison the average consumer digital camera operates on 5 mega-pixel. The detail is amazing. Pan around and take a closer look on the 2 million people who came to Washington to take part in this historic event. What earrings does Hillary Clinton wear? You even can make out that little detail.

David Bergman says,
“Covering the inauguration of President Obama was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Little did I know that it would be topped by the reaction to a photo I made that day. …With the ability to zoom in and move around the photo, it turned into an international game of ‘Where's Waldo?’ In the first 5 days, the image was viewed by millions of people in 186 countries.”

You might also want to check out the Gigapan (↑) site for more information about that technology and to view other “highest” resolution images.

John W. Furst

New Beginning - Yes You Can

Yes We Can
Most of my readers are living in the USA. I want to wish them the best for the future.

As I am writing this post the video which I have embedded here got 15,514,304 views within the one year since it has been put online. I wish my videos were that popular. :-)

Since I have lived in the USA for quite some time, mostly in the 90s, I have a certain sentiment for people and country. That's why.

Best wishes for the years to come.


P.S.: Now continue to watch the video and read the inspiring lyrics.

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Take Action: Save The Internet - We Cannot Afford To Lose It

My blogging friend Matt Harzewski literally woke me up with his post about Net Neutrality. I actually picked the video I show you here from his selection. “Thanks Matt for being on alert with those things!”

Where is the threat?

Would you like your ISP to do the following things to you.
  • Throttle the speed for Web sites they don't like.

  • Blocking certain protocols, like streaming video, and only offer their own paid content.

  • Charging Web site owners extra to get access to you at a decent speed.

  • etc., …

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