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Could Google Toolbar With Sidewiki Hurt Social Bookmarking?

Do you have Google Toolbar With Sidewiki installed?

If yes, please, watch the navigation bar of your browser.

I am using Firefox and noticed a hashtag after the URL in many instances. Not always, so I am not sure about a pattern, yet. When I turn Sidewiki off in the toolbar this effect disappears. Here is the proof.

Troubles With Google Sidewiki

Google Toolbar Seems To Interfere With Other Browser Add-ons

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If you have similar habits, then you will also frequently bookmark blog posts, articles, funny, sad, educational, in short interesting stories. My bet is you don't only bookmark them for yourself but you also want to share them with your friends, colleagues, with smaller, larger communities or with the World. At least that part of the World which has noticed you exist.

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John W. Furst for E-biz Booster Blog

For quite a long time I have been using the Sharethis plugin for Firefox, and I also have put the Sharethis widget on my blog (this one) and other websites I control. I don't recall when it happened exactly, but I think it has been a couple of weeks ago, when I received an email from that said, …
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How Businesses Use Social Media - A Report

Social Media Report
March 2009

Michael Stelzner just published his brand new Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The question answered in this report is “How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses”.

He set out to uncover the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing with this report. Nearly 900 of his peers provided the kind of insight that previously has not existed. In this report you'll find:
  • The top social media marketing questions marketers want answered
  • How much time marketers are investing in social media
  • The benefits of social media
  • How time invested impacts results
  • The top social media tools
  • And much more!

If you're pondering starting social media marketing, these findings will help push you over the edge. If you're already onboard, feel free to examine what the really experienced marketers are doing (and use this study to persuade others).

Check out the details and download the report for yourself, I finished reading it a couple of minutes ago, and found it worthy to spread the message.


John W. Furst