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Upgrade Your Marketing - Rick Butts Is The Real Deal

Update, April 2011: StardustFactor is no longer available.

I still hear the applause echoing on the Web after Rick Butt's first StardustFactor Workshop.

That's what I have to say about Rick Butts:

I was on the on the call myself and I can tell you, it's great, solid information, and … as always with Rick, it has been fun, too.

I am already doing a couple of things Rick taught me in that one call. To be honest … it's too early to report back dramatic results, but he got me going and that's the big road block for most people. Right?

Rick gives you a big kick in … and gets you moving.

Anyway: The replay of this first call is already available and on-line.

In case you haven't heard about the StardustFactor before:

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Sick Of Recession Talk? Seth Godin About Big Small Businesses

Seth Godin drinking his own marketing medicine
Seth Godin, “Are You Boring?”

Personally I am so sick of all this recession talk. It's everywhere. Now I am reading 50 job applicants for each job opening in the United Kingdom. That number by itself doesn't say anything. I don't get it why mass media always distorts reality and makes it appear more negative than it is. People should stop buying into this “negativity reporting”.

Need some positive news?

It has been historically proved that a recession is actually a good time to start off a new business. I know that self-employment or being an employer is not for everyone,... That's true. But if you have it in your veins t work for yourself than you'll appreciate the following interview with Seth Godin.

Even if you are working as employee you can get some take aways from this interview and help change the organization you are involved with for the better. Many businesses are on the wrong track without even knowing it.

You do not want to miss this interview.
See what's inside.

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New Beginning - Yes You Can

Yes We Can
Most of my readers are living in the USA. I want to wish them the best for the future.

As I am writing this post the video which I have embedded here got 15,514,304 views within the one year since it has been put online. I wish my videos were that popular. :-)

Since I have lived in the USA for quite some time, mostly in the 90s, I have a certain sentiment for people and country. That's why.

Best wishes for the years to come.


P.S.: Now continue to watch the video and read the inspiring lyrics.

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Most Important Lesson About Your Career

Career Advice at its finest
“Stay Hungry” by Becky Blanton.

Let me be honest with you right up-front. My friends and I need your help. But, we've prepared something for you in return. All you need to do is to vote for “Stay Hungry” in the Johnny Bunko contest. And tell all your friends to do the same.

Update Sep 2009:
Becky Blanton's Blog
The contest is long over, but you can visit Becky's new blog.

And now I'll tell you why

Did I tell you that we have a cool, free, funny, smart ebook for you. More about this later. However…

(Watch the animoto video inside!)

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Grow Continuously

Your Business Needs To Grow

While waking up this morning I suddenly found myself having a pen in my hand and scribbling 2 ideas for a new blog post on a piece of paper. Here is the first one.

Probably you can help me out and post as a comment, who had said the following originally.

“If your business doesn't grow it dies.”,

It is certainly true.

As the population grows, as markets grow, someone else will takeover your niche soon. If not, you are in the wrong market and hopefully close to retirement with enough retirement funds saved.

What are the drivers:
  • Number of sales
  • Average sales price

So why would you like the product of those variables to grow continuously, strictly monotonically?

This is not supposed to be a scientific article. No. I only want to get you engaged thinking about those issues in your own business. So I really only give you a short list and not much more.

Let's start out with a solo entrepreneur, because it's real easy to start thinking from this point on and the rest applies for big corporations as well.

Here is my Top-10 list, why your business needs to grow:
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Discover An Infection That Can Make You Happier

Aaron Potts
Aaron Potts
It is the norm to think a virus or an infection is something very bad. This is true for most cases, but my ‘blogger-friend’ Aaron Potts writes on his Blog today, that you actually should seek to get infected by a very special kind of virus.

I was drawn into his article right away and thought that you could benefit from that great post, too.

Here it is.
In case you get an “500 Internal Server Error”, just hit the reload/refresh button. It's a kinky technical issue that should not stop you from accessing Aaron's valuable content.

Enjoy reading.

John W. Furst