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Podcast About Tribes And Speech About Purple Cows (Revisited)

This is a post I had written much earlier on a static web-page. Now I am importing it into the blog. It’s not such a bad idea to revisit Seth Godin’s work from time to time anyway. Enjoy.

Seth Godin - A Podcast and a video from a TED talk

Shortly after I turned on the computer this morning, I decided that I will continue to write about Seth Godin and provide you with two great resources about smart marketing.

The Podcast for Tribes

I just finished reading the book and published my honest review on my blog.
Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst
John, 2008-10-25

On September 12th, 2008 Seth Godin had recorded an exclusive interview style podcast done by and for his community

(I don’t hot link there, because it is a private community — and will remain to be private — and all you would see is a login screen.)

In this roughly 47 minutes Seth talks about
  • His notion of Tribes
  • The Book: Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us

Listen to the Podcast now
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Tribes - Questions And Answers (QA)

Tribes - Questions And Answers
An Awesome Free E-Book

It's official!

Seth Godin has just announced and published the second e-book created by his online community -- his Triiibe.

It's free!

It's a collection of questions and answers about the concept of tribes, the history of tribes, tribes in business, tribes in every day life,…

If we have left something out. Let us know. Leave a comment here on the blog.

Yes, I can say “we”. I am one of the many contributors.

Maybe the Polish former president Lech Wałęsa will call me up and say, “Dziękuję” (Polish, English: Thank you), because I am responsible for getting his name into the e-book. Lech Wałęsa was an ordinary electrician before he became the tribe leader of Solidarność (Solidarity), the first independent union in formerly communistic Poland.

Tribes work in politics and they work in business and other areas. It's based on human nature.

Do you want to know how?

Then download the Tribes - Q&A E-book. It's free. Seth wrote,
“Not only is there a juicy insight on every page, but I'm comfortable saying it's the best designed PDF I've ever seen, worth making into a template for your next project.“
--Seth Godin

Do you have additional questions?

Then drop me a note or a comment here on the blog and I will try to get you an answer. I have the power of Triiibes backing me up.

Personally I am most interested in application of the tribes concept for marketing and business.

If your question fits these categories, there's a better chance I'll do find answers for you. However, no promises here. (If you want to give me a bribe for increasing your chances, go ahead. There is a “Buy me a coffee“ link below this post. But I warn you! I need at least 3 cups of coffee a day. …get the hint?)

Now download the e-book.

A couple of weeks ago, I have written a review about the book Tribes, and I have linked to the case-study e-book. You might want to check it out. You also can buy the book Tribes from there. If you haven't already.


John W. Furst

Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst

Tribes by Seth Godin
John with Tribes - The Book
It is Saturday, October 25th, 2008. A special day. Today I have started and finished reading Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us written by Seth Godin. That's why it is a special day.

The book is dense

While reading, you feel the huge amount of observation, deep thought, and the tedious work that Seth Godin condensed into this little, tiny book.

The book might be tiny in format, but like the matter of a neutron star, it's heavy. Really heavy stuff that weighs a lot more than you probably can imagine.

No, no, wait!

I don't want to scare you away. It's fun to read this book, and it's a quick read, too. What Seth wrote sticks.

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