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Serendipity Weblog Software - Finally it's in a Book

(Photo: Serendipity Book Cover)
Did you notice that I did not write about Web site development related — more technical issues — lately? For a simple reason:
“The technical stuff on this Blog simply works!”
Long live Serendipity “s9y” Weblog software

That’s exactly how it should be, unless you are a developer, who deals with LAMP (*) issues on a daily basis. Since I am not a developer (anymore) my focus has shifted towards marketing and business related topics with occasional sidekicks to personal development.

Why do I want to tell you about Blog software today?

The reason is simple, the core developer Garvin Hicking released his new book on Serendipity only a couple of days ago.

Why should you buy this book?

Let me give you a couple of reasons (in arbitrary order).
  • Because it’s the ultimate

    “How to successfully cheat on Wordpress and get away with it guide”.

  • It feels good to have a hard copy in hand.
  • Only 5 hard copies are available for free. Sorry, purchasing is the only way to ensure you get a hard copy.
  • To improve your German skills. :-)
  • To show appreciation for Garvin’s and the teams’ efforts. Yeah, they are real people.
  • Besides all the s9y issues on the surface, you might also get lessons of a great programming style and software design (if you are interested in that).

What’s in the book?

Lots of stuff — 750 pages — covering all technical aspects of working with Serendipity. No matter, if you are a s9y beginner or already an advanced professional user or developer. This book nails the facts. Actually you can check it out in more detail yourself, one chapter and the complete table of content (toc) is available online in German language. The toc itself has 18 pages! Okay, what's in the book in a nutshell.
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Great Tips For You - From SEO To Personal Development To Clickbank

Rainbow over Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands
Right before the weekend I have some sound tips for you. I keep it very short, because everybody's time is very valuable. The tips are for the areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Getting Paid by Clickbank

I thought also, it is finally time to use that rainbow photo I had taken several weeks ago. It was sitting idle on my server for quite some time. Do you share my association between that rainbow and those tips?

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Scratch More Than The Surface Of Adsense... Guaranteed!

Stephen Cronin
Stephen Cronin
I received a great comment for my last post Adsense Is Bad For Marketing by Stephen Cronin of his Blog

Scratch 99 - More Than Scratch The Surface (↑).

You'll remember my post was about the pitfalls with Adsense. Here is Stephen's comment again.

Should you want that people leave your site? It's kind of counterproductive, if you write quality content. So you have to decide what you want to do:
  • Do you want people to read what you write?
  • Or do you want people to click away for some bucks?

Exactly! I recently came to realize that the underlying principle of Adsense is that your content should not solve the reader’s problem. If you solve their problem, they won’t need to click the ads.

So, good content decreases the chance of getting a click - but with blogs, the whole point is to write good content (and blogs can't survive without it). Blogs just don't work well with Adsense for a whole host of reasons. If you want to make good money with Adsense, consider creating some Made For Adsense sites...

Original Comment

Stephen Cronin (↑) writes about web development using PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Ajax & about blogging via WordPress.

What I found of immediate interest for me on his Blog were the articles:

Just to name a few. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

John W. Furst