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Making Funny Videos Made Easy

Being funny and entertaining seems to be one requirement, if you want your video to ‘go’ viral on Youtube or MySpace. I could add other attributes like
  • cool
  • sexy
  • informative
  • breaking news
  • silly

Seems like the Quickcam Orbit MP Webcam from Logitech can support you to achieve this goal.

Check it out (as found on the Web):

Amazing what software can do, isn't it. I did not find many reviews of the camera itself, but it seems that those type of gimmicks

I am sure this is not the only camera that can do this or similar tricks. You might want to shop around a little bit.

Technical gimmicks are indeed “cool”, but they kind of wear off very quickly — as usual — the content of your video itself is the most important part of it.

Before I go, let me list some other very big turn offs, which you find in the majority of Youtube and MySpace Videos:

• bad audio
• bad video quality
• too long
• boring
• too stupid
• …

I have posted an Amazon box here, just in case you want to check out this camera right away.



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Patrick on :


It really does work. I love rabbit ears :-)

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