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SOPA Is Off The Table For Now

Censorship is on hold
“SOPA is on hold”

When I heard the news that SOPA in its current form has been put on ice, I was relieved. I had outlined the reasons why I am opposing SOPA (↑) a couple of days ago on this blog.

Another battle in this ongoing war has been won, but the war is not over yet. Will there ever be an end to the debate?

Like look at this article in the Forbes magazine about what happened 30 years before SOPA, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) feared the VCR (↑) (video cassette recorder).

The new target is the Internet

There will always be a struggle between those who wish to defend the status quo and those who embrace change.
Don’t be afraid of “the New,” embrace it and look for opportunities.
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SOPA And Protect IP: Free Internet At Risk

Welcome in 2012!

My first post this year will be a short one but nevertheless a very important one.

The Free Internet in the USA is at risk!

It is challenged by two proposed laws which basically will allow or even require censorship.

Stop Internet Censorship

While the intent of the legislation is noble, “Stop online piracy and copyright theft!” The means the law provides will do more harm than good. And not only in the USA. There will be some global collateral effects as well.

At least this is my personal take.

Some say, “This will break the Internet as we know it!”

Here is what I wrote in a private forum earlier today.

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Backup Your Data And Email In The Cloud

John Furst in Vienna, Austria
John Furst in Vienna, Austria.

I have my most important data with me all the time. Thanks to the cloud.

Did you ever travel to a meeting with a prospective client and discover that you forgot to copy the file with your presentation to your notebook or to pack the CD or DVD?

Chances are good that you just answered that question with “yes”.

Nowadays it is rather simple to prevent something like that from happening. Just make sure your information is accessible in the cloud.

A service which I started using recently is FilesAnywhere.

FilesAnywhere makes traveling with your ‘data’ much easier.

Check it out:
Currently they offer a free plan which gives you 1GB of storage.

By the way I wrote a note on my facebook page last year about how I have moved my entire email correspondence to Gmail: Save Your Emails In The Cloud - Talking GMail

Talk to you later.

John W. Furst

Daylight-Savings-Time Starts in Europe Tonight

Internet Marketing - Time Adjustment
At 2 AM switch to 3 AM in Europe on March 28, 2010.

It’s time to adjust the clocks in Europe again.

Tonight (or tomorrow morning if you will) clocks will be advanced from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. when daylight-saving-time begins in Europe this spring.

That means we (including me) lose one hour that we don’t get back until next fall when daylight-savings-time in Europe will end on Sunday, October 31, 2010. (Of course we will get it back without interest being paid. Maybe we’ll save a bit on the electric bill, but I’m not really sure about that.)

Attention to you folks in the USA and Canada: The time difference to Europe will get back to normal again.

Here are some examples to demonstrate the ‘usual time differences’ between USA, Canada and Europe.

New YorkLondon5
Los AngelesLondon8
Example: 10 a.m. in Denver is 6 p.m. in Berlin

You’ll find additional information and tools at (↑).

Browsing tip: Links designated with (↑) will open in a new browser window.

I think the next transition is on April 4th, when daylight-saving-time ends this year in Australia.

Kind of confusing, isn’t it.

Have a ‘short’ night sleep
(if you are in Europe.)

John W. Furst