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SOPA And Protect IP: Free Internet At Risk

Welcome in 2012!

My first post this year will be a short one but nevertheless a very important one.

The Free Internet in the USA is at risk!

It is challenged by two proposed laws which basically will allow or even require censorship.

Stop Internet Censorship

While the intent of the legislation is noble, “Stop online piracy and copyright theft!” The means the law provides will do more harm than good. And not only in the USA. There will be some global collateral effects as well.

At least this is my personal take.

Some say, “This will break the Internet as we know it!”

Here is what I wrote in a private forum earlier today.

Interesting sometime “hot” discussion here.

My take:
  • Successful pirates move faster than any law enforcement. They always have been and always will. That’s their business model.

  • They need to be stopped where they are.
    No US law will stop them.

  • This law might stop some amateurs with a negligible volume, but not the big boys (and girls.)

  • … and this law will cause more collateral damage than the society will benefit from it.

More Links:

And did you notice that Wikipedia (↑) is blacked out as a protest. Here is more info on that (↑).

People discussion, protesting, debating, …, putting pressure on those who have been elected into office (most likely based on a set of totally different issues—don’t forget that!)

That’s democracy alive!
Let’s hope it wins.


Now, do yourself a favour. Get the information, make up your mind, and take action if you choose to.

To Your Success

John W. Furst


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Genie on :


Your way of explaining the whole thing in this piece of writing is truly good. All should simply be aware of it. Thanks a lot.

B. Keeper on :


Nice article. It is full of information. I'll be back. Thanks.

John W. Furst on :


VC (venture capitalist) Fred Wilson argues that Hollywood's piracy problem is actually home-made, saying, "But denying customers the films they want, on the devices they want to watch them, when they want to watch them is not a great business model. It leads to piracy, as we have discussed here many times, but more importantly it also leads to the loss of a transaction to a competing form of entertainment."

His entire post is here:

Monster Mann on :


Hallo! I have believe politicians in the USA are smarter than in Germany. Not really. If that happens, maybe they start thinking about something like that in Germany too.

Does not sound nice.

Miriam on :


Most of those senators are lawyers. That proves that they don't teach anything useful at law school. It's a waste for society.

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