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A Monologue: Listen Marketers!

Marketing gone wrong? The Pink Elephant
Pinky the Elephant (*)

It has become hard to listen to and concentrate on a specific message which is buried in ever intensifying noise.

You as a marketer cannot blame people for being ignorant.

You only can blame yourself for being ignorant.

When was the last time you listened to the response you stimulated? Did you adjust your message, your timing, the channel, …?

It’s easy to be the pink elephant in the room — and I mean the opposite of a Purple Cow. If that’s what you wanna be, fine with me, but don’t drop your shit in front of my feet.

I just picked that up from the universe with my telepathic senses.

Something to think about.


You probably don’t care about what I have to say. But don’t worry, I might give a damn about your message as well.

Do you have a clue what I am interested in right now?

John W. Furst

(*) Image credit: ©2007 by myklroventine/flickr. - Some rights reserved. - CC-BY 2.0


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