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Email Marketing Tips - My New Blog Carnival

Email marketing is more important than ever. It's a very cost effective means to stay connected with your customers and prospects. And you do not only want to stay connected, you want to build a relationship with your members.

While social media platforms like twitter and facebook allow you to be present as a business, as a marketer, they very often change the rules, … You don't want to be at their mercy. Build your email list. Start now and continue to grow it.

Email Marketing Tips - Blog Carnival

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Update on Feb. 8, 2013: All old editions 1 through 27 have been cleaned up. Outdated tips and broken links have been removed.

The Archive
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Backup Your Data And Email In The Cloud

John Furst in Vienna, Austria
John Furst in Vienna, Austria.

I have my most important data with me all the time. Thanks to the cloud.

Did you ever travel to a meeting with a prospective client and discover that you forgot to copy the file with your presentation to your notebook or to pack the CD or DVD?

Chances are good that you just answered that question with “yes”.

Nowadays it is rather simple to prevent something like that from happening. Just make sure your information is accessible in the cloud.

A service which I started using recently is FilesAnywhere.

FilesAnywhere makes traveling with your ‘data’ much easier.

Check it out:
Currently they offer a free plan which gives you 1GB of storage.

By the way I wrote a note on my facebook page last year about how I have moved my entire email correspondence to Gmail: Save Your Emails In The Cloud - Talking GMail

Talk to you later.

John W. Furst

Email Deliverability Best Practices And Tips

E-Mail Black Hole
Many businesses and bloggers who just have started their own email newsletter or ezine take it for granted that their emails get delivered to all recipients. Indeed they are very surprised when they find out very soon that reality is quite different.

Did you really expect that your email message gets delivered to all — for example — 5,000 subscribers all the time, did you?

Your email marketing service provider might advertise with a deliverability rate of 95% or more, but that's not the full story. Those figures are in most cases based on hard bounces when the sender is notified that the email is not being accepted by the recipient because of an invalid email address or the sender being blocked. Those instances are rare nowadays.

The truth is many email messages are simply being lost!

They are filtered out by corporate firewalls or large ISPs (like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail) without informing the sender or recipient about this fact. In some cases your message is pushed into the spam folder even when your spam score analyzer indicated, “this message doesn't look like spam at all.”

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The E-mail Road Less Traveled …

Daniel Levis
Daniel Levis

Dear Web Business-Builder,

Great things can happen when you build an e-mail list and learn how to sell to that list.

But it’s not as easy as the online marketing gurus would have you believe.

It takes a lot of effort to build a list in the first place. And a lot of effort to keep people reading and responsive.

See here’s the problem …

Chances are your subscribers did not subscribe to your list to be sold to. They subscribed in order to get useful information they can use to better their lives.

You, however, are not a registered charity.

You did not build an e-mail list for the sole purpose of giving away free information, did you?

You need a return on your investment. And that means you’ve got to sell stuff to the people who joined your list. Egads!

So how do you resolve this gut wrenching conflict?

If you send e-mails filled with reasons why people should buy a product … in an attempt to get them to click through to your (or an affiliate’s) order pages or sales pages, they’re going to unsubscribe in droves. Or they’ll just tune out, and your click through rates will shrivel.

And if all you do is send out free tips or an e-zine with various “columns” and incidental resource links that people can click on to buy stuff, you won’t make many sales.

One approach is to mix and match …

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Email Marketing Tips - Edition 18

Update on Feb. 8, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of email marketing tips on June 19, 2009.

This is—as you know a revival—after I had kept the pause button pressed for a couple of month. I am curious to see how it goes.

Here is my brand new “Intro-Video”

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Now, lets jump right into this edition with a quote that reminds us why growing an email list for your existing business or your startup venture is not such a bad idea.

Quote of the day

Legendary direct response copywriter Bob Bly wrote as a comment on his blog about a year ago:
“…I have over 50,000 subscribers to my e-newsletter with whom I communicate weekly via e-mail. In exchange, they send me between $4,000 to $10,000 a week to buy my information products. How much money do your 3,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace send you each week?

Also, networking is only of value depending where you are in your life and career. At this point in my career, I have much more work than I could ever hope to handle, and people know where to find me. So doing Twitter or whatever would be a waste of time better spent on projects I am writing for clients and publishers.”, May 27th, 2008 at 8:24 am

Today’s categories:
  • Editor’s Pick
  • Tools & Services
  • Email Copywriting
  • Strategy
  • Code Of Practice

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New Features - Autoresponder With More Flexibility For Scheduling Email Follow-Up Sequences

John W. Furst

What an email autoresponder does can be explained very easily. Once a new subscriber has joined your email newsletter, your autoresponder service will send messages which you have prepared over time.

An autoresponder has many useful applications

For example:

Martin signs up for an email course about expanding his vocabulary on Monday. For one month he will get 5 emails a week with new words and their meaning.

All you had to do was to prepare all messages for the complete course once.

Andre signs up two or three weeks later, but on a Thursday. He will receive 5 messages on the following days, have 2 days off and will receive 5 messages again.

You will notice the difference between Martin and Andre. Martin has off on the weekends, Andre doesn't.

Of course, Andre doesn't need to read his emails on the weekend, but let's say he decided to read his course on Monday evening, he will find 3 emails from you. The daily course for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Now my favorite email marketing service provider AWeber has solved this problem very elegantly.

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Autoresponders by AWeber

To return to my example from above. By setting the send window for the follow-up messages of this email course to Mo-Fr you can make sure that Andre and everybody else who did not sign up for the course on a Monday gets their rest on the weekend.

What applications and examples can you come up with that utilize this new feature?

Let us know, leave a comment.

In case you are not using AWeber for your email marketing already. I think it's the perfect time to give them a try.

Take AWeber's 30 day risk free trial.

Email marketing is the most lucrative marketing and advertising channel when it comes to online marketing.

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