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Email Marketing Needs To be Personal

John W. Furst

I just wrote a short forum reply for a friend on who had asked,
“How can I increase the open rate of my newsletter?”

Here it is, I am sharing it with you.

A good point in time to deliver another email marketing tip after having stopped that series of articles for some time. Maybe I should revive the carnival? I have to think about it and check how many spam submissions I have received in the meantime. Well, I am preparing a guide, a tutorial for email marketing anyway.

The business in question is a European based specialist for colors trends and consults with designers in fashion, home design, …

Dear Carolina,

I find the content and design of your newsletter rather intriguing. However it's a constant challenge to keep readers engaged and interested over a longer period of time. Let me give you a couple of bullets to think about.

Just to start off the discussion here.

  • Make it more personal!

    Have an editor, a spokesperson write the newsletter in a colloquial tone. Introduce that character as a person with a back-story, and also address the reader on the personal level. An email is communication from one person to another. A newsletter should not be an exception.

    What about the idea of following the Editor - James or Jane on his or her personal journey through the universe of color and time.

  • Increase the frequency. Once a month is too infrequent to maintain and strengthen the relationship with your readers.

    You don't want to be perceived as the 57th agency which sends yet another trend report. You want to be perceived as “friend” who helps the reader through the jungle, who offers effective solutions for whatever the biggest problem in this industry is.

    Go beyond of just being a reporter.

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