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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Grow Continuously

Your Business Needs To Grow

While waking up this morning I suddenly found myself having a pen in my hand and scribbling 2 ideas for a new blog post on a piece of paper. Here is the first one.

Probably you can help me out and post as a comment, who had said the following originally.

“If your business doesn't grow it dies.”,

It is certainly true.

As the population grows, as markets grow, someone else will takeover your niche soon. If not, you are in the wrong market and hopefully close to retirement with enough retirement funds saved.

What are the drivers:
  • Number of sales
  • Average sales price

So why would you like the product of those variables to grow continuously, strictly monotonically?

This is not supposed to be a scientific article. No. I only want to get you engaged thinking about those issues in your own business. So I really only give you a short list and not much more.

Let's start out with a solo entrepreneur, because it's real easy to start thinking from this point on and the rest applies for big corporations as well.

Here is my Top-10 list, why your business needs to grow:
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Carnival Of Small Business Issues - Edition 30

Update on Apr. 1, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the December 11, 2007 edition #30 of the Carnival Of Small Business Issues.

Canarian - Edition #30 - CoSBI
My name is John and I am your host for this “Canarian Edition”. As this Carnival grows it is getting harder to select articles from the growing number of submissions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Instead of limiting the number of promoted articles to some arbitrary number, like 20, I have decided to give you more, and introduced a new category “Online Marketing Special” just for this edition.

Question of the day: How Would You Promote Innovation? If you are a member of a management team or a business owner, how would you answer this question? Charan “CA” Atreya, the organizer of this Carnival, runs an open answer survey on his blog. If you have something to say, please, do so on his Blog.

If you are interested in hosting this Carnival or submitting a blog post, you'll find more information at the bottom of the page.

Today we have the following categories: Marketing, Online Marketing Special, Human Resource, Operations, Personal Development, Finance, Business Tips
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