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SEO Plugin From Aaron Wall

It has been quite a while since we recommended some browser plugins for Firefox. So let's get you some smart intelligence advantage in your SEO effort.

Aaron Wall of has this nifty little Firefox SEO plugin for you.

Here's the little video Aaron made to explain what his SEO plugin does and how to use it. Of course his site provides wealth of information about search engine optimization or SEO as “insiders” call it in short.

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FireFox Toolbars - Best Of Selection

It seems that I am in the mood of discovering more and more browser toolbars this month. Just recently I have recommended 3 browser toolbars, which are available for Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE).

Andy Beard says Google Toolbar Is Not Family Safe (↑) and removed it. Well, that might be true, simply don't let your Kids on your computer. There are many more areas of danger.

Today I have another 2 toolbars that I want to tell you about. Since I am using Firefox, I did not even check, if those or similar ones are available for IE.

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