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SEO Plugin From Aaron Wall

It has been quite a while since we recommended some browser plugins for Firefox. So let's get you some smart intelligence advantage in your SEO effort.

Aaron Wall of has this nifty little Firefox SEO plugin for you.

Here's the little video Aaron made to explain what his SEO plugin does and how to use it. Of course his site provides wealth of information about search engine optimization or SEO as “insiders” call it in short.

Get Aaron's plugin for free, here:

SEO Firefox Plugin from Aaron Wall.

He explains everything you need to know in the video, on the download page and his blog is about SEO (keep that in mind.)

Jennifer M.

PS.Don't worry John will be back, but right now I have the privilege to post here.


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Thanks for the info about the SEO plugin. Using the right tools is essential when doing SEO.

Daine on :


Nice to say this SEO plugin.. Its very good for SEO.


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