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Webmaster Articles - Submit To This Carnival

This is an announcement for the next upcoming edition of the “Carnival Of Webmaster Articles”

We already have received some very good articles, but there is still some room for high quality writing.

Carnival of Webmaster Articles

Current Edition: Tuesday, Oct 02, 2007 (↑)

Next issue: Monday, Dec 03, 2007
will be hosted on this Blog

Description: Everything of interest to webmasters and bloggers.
Categories: Design, Traffic-Building, Monetization

Submit Your Article Today (↑)

Deadline: Friday, Nov 30, 2007,
04:00 pm PST (Pacific) [24:00 UTC]

Carnival Home (↑) | Host This Carnival On Your Blog (↑)

I am looking forward to your submission. If you do not know what a Blog Carnival is good for, read my post “You Need Some Carnival” next.

John W. Furst

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I guess I missed it! Is there any other such thing? Please email me.

Jennifer M. on :


This particular Carnival has been discontinued. You will find others to submit to at

P.S.: By the way. Don't publish your email address in the text of a comment. You'll attract spam that way. The blog admin has access to your email address and can reply to you nevertheless.

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