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Master Google AdWords Like A Stomper

Master Google AdWords
Chances are, that you already have heard about one of the latest, and greatest
“Stompernet Going Natural Videos 3.0”

Since I don't blog much lately anyway, I quickly tell you what this is all about, give you the links and let you find out yourself.

If you are serious about making money on the Internet, you definitely don't want to miss this info. It does not cost you a dime.

Why do the guys from Stompernet give away such priceless info?

Why do they spend time and energy making all those videos? Well, Andy Jenkins from Stompernet is very honest about it. They are doing it to prove the tremendous value someone finds inside the Stompernet network. Why? Because they will accept new members into Stompernet shortly and reopen their doors. I am sure it will fill up pretty quickly. Even though, as you probably know, the membership fee in Stompernet is not cheap.

Anyway, you don't have to purchase anything. Just use their info for your advantage and it will be alright. So far there are 3 videos on the site.

Going Natural 3 Video Series
  • Adwords Triangulation Method (↑)

    The hot info, the blue print for buying buyers instead of traffic with AdWords starts around minute 14. Yes, the Stomper videos are quite long, but bear with them and take notes. If you are not using Google Adwords at this time, you might want to reconsider.

    E.g. one of the tricks is about setting up an AdWords split test in a way that you don't leave so much money on the table compared to the conventional method. …Interested?

    The video is somewhat advanced and fast paced, except the lengthy introduction. If you are new to AdWords amd need to learn from scratch, I suggest you get Perry Marshall's free Adwords Email Course (↑), first.

  • Stomper Site Seer Intro (↑)
  • Stomper Site Seer: How To (↑)

    The Stomper guys also give you a SEO analysis tool, which tells you where you should and could improve your site. Those videos are also packed with general and specific SEO advice. Check them out, too.

    Update: Andy Beard wrote a forensic analysis report about SiteSeer in his post: “Stompernet Site Seer - Ripped Apart (↑)

Actually you can download those videos in quicktime format to your harddrive and watch them over and over again. But I am sure it will be more valuable and time saving to take notes while watching the videos and stick with the action items you derive from those tips for your business. Tips are only as good as you use them.

That's the quick tip for now.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Now, I am heading back to the beach.

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Carl on :


"Don't blog much lately anyway", yeah I'd noticed. I'm planning to be in much the same situation by the end of the year. My online income generation is reaching a really healthy level, and after that I'm not sure I'm going to keep blogging either.

John W. Furst on :


Great to hear, Carl. Best wishes.

Yeah, blogging itself can be on the time consuming side of the equation, if you don't outsource some or all tasks of it. But it also depends on the topic how well you can monetize your Blog. In some niches it's easier than in others.

Anyway, this E-Biz Booster Blog here will remain to be a “more personal type of Blog”. It's me or whoever is named as author, no fakes, no tricks, no hiding. -- Yours John.

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