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The Ultimate Backup Of Your Business And Life

What a wonderful Sunday. I'll leave to the beach in a couple of minutes, but want to take the opportunity to write a quick post. Really, quick! I have set my timer to 10 minutes …

“Welcome back, Case!
Let's rock the Internet once more …”

Now you will ask what this is about. Just my little tribute to fellow Internet marketer Case Stevens who had disappeared from the scene for a couple of month due to serious health issues. I am very glad to hear that he is up and running again … back on his blog, too. And there is even one more reason to write this post. Case addresses an important issue in his first post after his disappearance.

Backup Is Important

  • Your files and data in case of system failure, account deletion, fire, …
    Should be a no brainer.

  • But what most people don't do is prepare for the case something happens to you. After recommending a Wordpress plugin as backup solution, Case goes on and writes:
  • “ … A couple of months or even weeks more, and I might not have been here anymore. That’s another kind of emergency, wouldn’t you agree?

    It made me make another back up list (↑).

    Of running accounts, that have to be closed in case of fatal accidents.
    Like PayPal, subscriptions, autoresponders, hosting and so on.

    And it made me think what to do with all of my websites running.
    The obvious solution is to sell them, but who’s going to do that?
    Fortunately I’ve found someone who’s willing to do that, so there’s another backup list of sites to sell.

    That’s my final backup.
    Do you have one?”

Now, I have written about the importance of backing up your business data as well in the past.

Today I can show you three different services which especially address the second issue, “What if something happens to me?”

Backup Your Life

Those three providers are spot on when it comes to handling your ultimate backup. Here are snippets from their home pages. The order of appearance does not represent a ranking. And no affiliate links here.

DataInherit is the leading Internet datasafe (↑) with data inheritance
1. Store documents and passwords encrypted on the Internet.
2. Decide who gets access to which data in case of an emergency.

Legacy Locker is a safe, secure repository for your vital digital property (↑) that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of loss, death, or disability.

FREE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS FOR LIFE (↑) Includes unlimited realtime secure private messaging and future delivery of all afterlife documents composed and scheduled. Coming soon VitalLock Pro for greater file attachment storage and more advanced delivery options.

Bob Stewart explains the philosophy behind VitalLockand and some interesting background info.

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Bob Stewart, Founder

As I am outside the USA I most likely would trust the Swiss company DataInherit. In general the Swiss have a good reputation in dealing with international clients and protecting them from governments running wild. (Have you ever heard that the FTC is shutting someone down and drags files, computers, …, everything out of the home and office?)

Besides VitalLock is the newest player in this market with the added twist of personal, secure messaging. They are still in beta, and while the Facebook part of it might confuse some folks, it is attractive for others. As a marketer, I'd love to see a video on their homepage that gets a more focused marketing message across instead of that shocking audio. (But that's just my opinion. I really like their pro open API philosophy. Keep 'em watching.)

That's my thoughts for the day.

John W. Furst


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