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Who Shall Be My Coach? Trackback in Action

Let me start by asking a question. I'll explain this later.

“Whose ‘Become Successful On The Internet Products Shall I Buy?’, and how can I tell the great, honest coaches apart from the zillions of impostors?”

One great feature of blogging software are trackbacks. It works like this:

You write a post on your blog with a trackback to another blog (commonly called Blog B). When you finally publish your new entry both blogs exchange information in a standardized format automatically. The result is that your post on your blog will be referred to by Blog B in the comments section. Those back-and-forth-cross-links are very useful to enlarge the Universe of your readers.

I am not going into the details, because you can look it up in Wikipedia or do a little Googling for Trackback.

Let us take advantage of this feature.

James D. Brausch, a successful internet marketer himself, gives very valuable coaching lessons on his blog. His recipe for success is distilled to the very essence of life management and business management.


  • Stop Watching TV (he is very strict with that one) and spend more time with your familiy and your business. Yes, think about quitting your J.O.B. and gain Freedom.
  • Traffic + Copywriting + Product = Successful Internet Business

One important fact about James is, that he has been there, done that. He is successful in more than one market, and he preaches out of his own experience.

On Friday James had put up an “Open Question Time” on his Internet Business Blog ( Even though he allows questions like, “What is your shoe size?”, he expects many questions about internet marketing and business in general.

My question from the beginning of this post is meant to be for James. I repeat it for you here.

“Whose ‘Become Successful On The Internet Products Shall I Buy?’, and how can I tell the great, honest coaches apart from the zillions of impostors?”

Remember that I also wrote about trackbacks at the beginning of this post. That's the way of letting James know that I have this question here on my E-Biz Booster Blog.

Let us hope that James will choose my question among the ones that he has time to answer. I am pretty sure that you — my dear reader — will benefit from his insights.

Check out James' Internet Business Blog anyway (

However, I will post my personal answer to this question in one of my next posts as well.

Why this question? I give you some hints:

  • Isn't that one of the first question that you have to ask?
  • Isn't it old marketing wisdom that you need to tell people, why they shall listen to you? So everybody will tell you why you shall listen to him. But who the hell shall you trust? How can you check that out?
  • Would you just try everything and ask for your money back, if it does not work? You might not get your money back from some crooks.
  • The Business and Technology questions might be easier to answer, than the “Whom you can trust” question. At least, if you know already, whom you can trust.

Tell me what you think? Would you have asked a different question?

John W. Furst


eBiz-Booster-Blog on : Answer: Who Will be Your Coach?

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In a previous post, “Who Shall Be My Coach?” I have asked James D. Brausch a question about, how you can choose a good mentor and good products that truly help you build and grow your business.. James has answered my question, as well as ot


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Richard on :


Good question John. Sometimes it is really frustrating. I just have spent another 47 bucks on an ebook that did not tell me anythink new. The sales latter was much better than the ebook. Sometime I feel lost.

John W. Furst on :


Hi Richard!

The first comment always get my attention. I can see your email address and checked out the domain -- the name is not too bad, but it is already registered for some time and still parked. My advice -- don't get me wrong -- do something with your page. I can tell you. That little AdSense there, won't get you far. :-( Yours John

John W. Furst on :


James D. Brausch has already posted his 'Anwer Time'. My question came in as #10. See the answer yourself, I think, it is a pretty good answer. You'll find the link to James' Blog above. I'll answer in detail tomorrow. Have a nice day. Yours John

P.S.: Thanks a lot James :-) :-)

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