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Quality Macro-Content

Content is what Web pages are about. It may be text, images, audio, video, or most likely a mix of it. This is the real asset, which makes people come to your site. The higher the quality, the more people will visit, link to you, visit again, and get involved with you. Your products and services have to be well bedded in good quality content. Let us call this Macro-Content —We will need this definition in a future blog post.

“Give people what they want, and you will get what you want in return.”

This works for thousands of years. It is the basics of trading.

Most likely it will not be new to you, that information, the content on your Web site, should not only be high quality, but should also be unique. It is simply not good enough to fill up the Internet with hundreds or even thousands of copies of identical information.

Besides the legal and ethical issues — many Web site owners are violating copyright laws — a lot of information on the Internet is not very useful. The quantity of the number of copies won't improve the quality of the original source by any means. The search engines have learned their lessons.

By the way, there is a lot of misconception about competition. Many self-acclaimed Gurus will tell you, that competition is bad, and that you should start your online business in a small niche, where you simply cannot take business away from them. But what do they know about those other markets? Probably not much. The smaller the market, the smaller the demand. This simply means, less money to make with the same amount of work. You should not worry too much about competition, because competition keeps the Internet alive. Most people are searching for products and information in the big markets. There are more forums, blogs, etc., for the big, rather than for the niche markets. Yes, you cannot spend as much money for advertising as the big players, but you do not have to. I am sure I will cover that subject in some future post in detail. Sorry, for the detour.

Back to Macro-Content

  • If you have a big Web site — a content portal — structure the information, use categories that reflect the language of your visitors.
  • Your Keyword research will result in a list of targeted, less competitive keywords that should be contained in your text in a natural way. Use those words and much of the on-page SEO is already done.
  • Even, if you are an affiliate marketer, publish additional, valuable content about the product that you are promoting. Something that is not already available on the net. Do not direct your visitor immediately to the vendors site.
  • Build a relationship to your visitors and give them reasons to come back to your site, again, and again, and again, …
  • Besides improving usability and SEO, you must not forget to guide the visitors to the actions that you want them to take. This is done with persuasive design elements. Keep it simple and free from too many distractions.

Tip: Optimizing and improving a site is a challenging task. You are learning as you go. Concentrate on small projects first. Later you can apply your findings quickly on a larger scale. The first step is the most important one.

Severe Warning

You would not be the first Webmaster that destroys a “working” Web page, while optimizing it. There are several goals for optimizing a site and they are all interdependent. You most likely will fail, if you are trying to optimize one thing for two or more goals.

For example, when you try to improve a page on your site for getting better organic search engine rankings, you might destroy the sales letter quality of it. You might end up with a much lower conversion rate.

One way around this is to separate the function of the pages. Have your sales letter page isolated with almost no links to the outside world, optimize it for sales conversion and nothing else. You will get your targeted traffic to your sales page from your optimized (for traffic) content part of your site and from all the links from the rest of the Internet World. Then, you only need to link from your Content site to your sales page.



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