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Remember 9/11 2001

Skyline Manhattan
Before 9/11

Today people all over the World remember the tragedy of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. Do you remember that day? I certainly do.

I was living in Vienna/Austria at this time. All of this happend in the afternoon and evening.

At first, a colleague in my office told me that the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York is burning. He showed me a live video stream on CNN.

The twin-towers stood there with smoke coming out, but the video feed was of poor quality that one could not see any details. Honestly, I did not pay much attention. I thought, I had seen that before.

When the WTC had been attacked by terrorists the first time in February 1993, I had been living in New York. Back then, I had gone up to the roof of my office building in Chelsea and had been able to see the “smoking” WTC from quite close. Not on TV, I had seen it live with my own eyes.

Eight years later, I just could not perceive the different scale of what was happening from the bad quality picture on too small a video screen. I went back to business as normal.

Actually it was not business as normal, because it was my last day at work before going on honeymoon. Also I had to drive my sister in law to the airport. She had to get back to London/UK that night.

Again, at the airport I did not really pay attention to the TV-video screens. Some smoke, …

Later my spouse and I would pack for two weeks of holiday and get to the airport to catch a flight at 5:00 in the morning. I think, I turned on the TV once for a couple of minutes to show her the burning WTC.

So we finished packing, slept for a couple of hours, got back to the airport, took our flight and settled in at our hotel.

It was not before Wednesday, September 12nd late afternoon that I realized that the World Trade Center is gone. Our next holiday after the honeymoon should start out in New York, and I always wanted to show my wife this remarkable, beautiful building. It's no more.

Those are my personal memories.

John W. Furst


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John W. Furst on :


P.S.: I called several friends in New York City and other parts of the US on impulse from my mobile phone. Luckily, none of them were injured. Later I learned that even though my friends were lucky, some of them had direct family members or friends who died on 9/11.

P.P.S.: Calling the US from my mobile, while being in a foreign country, was a very expensive lesson. I produced my all time highest phone bill ever.

Enjoy your life


eulogy exapmle on :


This incident was something that changed my life forever..

I and my mom had a big fight and I was packing my bags to get out of the house... As I was approaching the door, the news channel started flashing the images and news of the incident and I stood still...

My mom was there too and we both stood in silence and she started crying...

That moment I realized how precious life is and how precious family is....

My prayers are there with all those people who are dearer to god...

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