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FREE Adwords Tele-Seminar With Perry Marshall Today

PPC expert Perry Marshall
Perry Marshall - #1 Google Adwords Expert

I’ll keep this very short because time is running out. You have seen me writing about Perry Marshall before.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12pm PST / 20:00 GMT
The teleseminar is over. However, you still can sign-up and check-out Perry's special offer. It reads as, “Don't miss the $200 quick action discount (click here)”

Sign up and check out Perry Marshall's offer.

Perry is the #1 Google AdWords expert in the World.

Most people are stuck in a Google Ad-Writing RUT.

Most markets have B-O-R-I-N-G, predictable ads. (And that’s the unseen opportunity)

Most people are frozen at 2.4% CTR. You know that a 5.5% or 9.5% CTR would push you straight to the top but you don’t know how to pull it off.

Turns out you don’t need “creativity”
… you just need a step by step simple method.

Free Teleseminar: Bionic Google Ads, Facebook PPC & the Content Network Gold Rush (↑)

Perry Marshall has developed a NEW method for generating Bionic Google ads with hi-power CTR’s. He calls it “The Swiss Army Knife.” It’s systematic, it’s scientific, and it’s endlessly creative.

Bionic Google ads are like tractor beams that drag peoples’ eyeballs away from the center of the page to YOUR ad. It pushes you up in the rankings so you get more traffic and cut your bids. You get new visitors who’d have never clicked before.

You get blade #1 of the Swiss Army Knife during this free teleclinic on Thursday:

Free Teleseminar: Bionic Google Ads, Facebook PPC & the Content Network Gold Rush (↑)

BTW - Go look at the digital download you get after you register… when you see it you know this one’s going to be GOOD.

Oh... and this call is NOT being replayed. So make sure you mark it on your calendar.

Sounds good (very good) to me. I will be on the call for sure.

In case you wonder why Perry gives this information away for free. It’s part of a promotion he is doing. However, I know from my own experience that Perry always lives up to his listeners expectation. You’ll get solid content in this call.

And even if the Maui CD’s are out of reach for you right now, Perry has a whole library of training products that get you up to speed with your marketing fast … from exactly where you are at right now.

Don’t miss it.

John W. Furst

P.S.: The difference between “making it” and “not making it” could as well be the stupid habit of trying to figure it out on your own. Learn Google AdWords from the expert. Cut the learning curve and get the financial rewards you and your family really deserve.