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Your Questions

On Friday I have asked my readers some questions and offered nothing more but my personal, humble answers. Comments were moderated to ensure privacy. The deadline has passed.

Thanks to all of you, who took action and left a comment.

I received 7 comments, which included 4 questions for me to answer. 2 gentlemen expressed their preference in subject, and suggested a direction where I shall “go” with this Blog. One of those gentlemen is actually an “old friend”, who lives in Florida nowadays.
“Nice to hear from you again, Christopher.”

1 comment was spam; a link to an online lingerie store.

The average number of comments per post during the last month was 2.5. Therefore I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

I will decide later, how to answer the questions. At least 1 or 2 might deserve a separate post.

John W. Furst


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Certainly I was taking some time to write this post after I have asked my readers to submit a question for me to answer. 4 questions qualified. In the meantime I have sent an even more detailed answer to those folks, who dared to as ...


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