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How To Get A Lot Of Diggs

Digg It?
Using Social Media can be a disappointing experience. Especially with The Digg community has earned itself the reputation of being very strict with their submission guidelines. If they sense that you might spamming, they bury your post quicker than you would know and your whole account could be seized (deactivated) overnight.

Just do a search on Google, Yahoo, or MSN for banned by digg to see the magnitude of that issue.

Search EnginePhrase# of results (↑)banned by digg908,000 (↑)16,000,000 (↑)

The numbers are quite impressive. You are out of luck, when you try to game Digg. Nevertheless, Digg as well as other Social Networking sites are important
  • for attracting additional targeted traffic to your site
  • and for getting high page rank links from the authority sites - the Social Bookmarking sites themselves.

Personally I was not too good with Digg last year, meaning I did not attract much attention among Digg users. (↑) worked far better for me.

That's only 1 reason , why I can not take credit for any list of tips about how to be successful with digg. Another reason is that there is already such a list out on the Blog-o-sphere, and it has quite an impressive 4292 Diggs (as I write this). It received all those Diggs within 13 hours. Yes, I call that impressive.

If you are interested — and you should be — how to become popular on Digg, read the following article that explains all — the not dirty at all — tricks.

Top 10 Reasons Why This List Will Be Popular on Digg (↑)
on Mixed Market Arts (↑)

What is your opinion on Digg? Is it working for you. Lease your comment below.

John W. Furst

P.S.: It's good to be back. Welcome at my 1st post of the year 2008.


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chusty on :


:-) and usually digg community is digging the sites that I've added and wasn't really interested if the community will dig them... but when I'm really care if the site will go to the first page or not... then I usually have no results :-)

Abby on :


I have heard numerous times that Stumbleupon is more effective than Digg, and I can attest to this through personal experience. It really does wield more traffic than Digg.

Johnny on :


Great if you get lots of Diggs as I believe Google loves Digg. Recently I submit an article to Digg, and several hours later it appeared on top page of a Google search with the phrase "the popular keyword". That search still returns 16,400,000 results while I'm writting, and my submission is on 7th position.

Karan on :


Thanks for the advice . It look as though you need to spend some considerable time getting your digg content up and posting “intelligent” responses to areas that your blog is in before you really concentrate on the posts and getting them seen. Again, social networking makes you be social.

Daniel Sagal on :


I have been trying to find various ways to continue building my Lakers/NBA Sports blog. It has been a difficult task and sites such as and have sent me far more loyal readers that Digg. I have added a bunch of friends on Digg and am working on building traffic. It would be great to have national media recognizing my site for its original content. I still don't quite understand how to actually get Digg to be useful as I can't even find my article on the site. If I can't find it, how are others going to find it? HOW DO PEOPLE GET 1000 DIGGS?

Mary Stanton on :


Digg is not a solution for everything. If other traffic sources work better for you, concentrate on those.

How do people get 1,000+ Diggs?

Not every story, every topic has the same potential. Some stories spread easier than others.

Study successful stories, blogs, and sites. Note what they have in common.

Grow your readership. The more readers, the better chances someone 'diggs' it.

* Build a community and make friends on Digg itself.

... if you want to get a lot of diggs.

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