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Discover An Infection That Can Make You Happier

Aaron Potts
Aaron Potts
It is the norm to think a virus or an infection is something very bad. This is true for most cases, but my ‘blogger-friend’ Aaron Potts writes on his Blog today, that you actually should seek to get infected by a very special kind of virus.

I was drawn into his article right away and thought that you could benefit from that great post, too.

Here it is.
In case you get an “500 Internal Server Error”, just hit the reload/refresh button. It's a kinky technical issue that should not stop you from accessing Aaron's valuable content.

Enjoy reading.

John W. Furst


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Aaron - Today is that Day on :



Thank you so much for the link love! That post came out great, and I'm happy to have it being shared and viewed by so many people!

Also, I did contact my webhost, and the Internal Server Errors should be a thing of the past now. Still planning to rebuild the entire site at a new host in the future, but for now I've cleaned things up with my present provider to keep things flowing smoothly.

Thanks again, John!

John Hunter on :


Those with hay fever might want to get infected with a parasite.

" Parasitic worms reduce hay fever symptoms: Researchers are seeking to use the ability of the hookworm, Necator americanus, to suppress immune system responses that occur in conditions including Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma and other allergies. ...

Scientists have suggested a lack of such intestinal parasites has left those in the developed world more vulnerable to diseases caused an overactive immune system." (

[inserted by admin.]

Health is a very complicated thing. Yes I know in the case you linked to it isn't actually a real virus.

Jennifer M. [] on :


It fits the subject.

An 'ever running nose' could really stop all of your personal development. :-)

Home networking articles guides and news on :


Hehe, personal development virus is the one virus that i think we all need.

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