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Answer: Intern Programs - Hottest Questions?

Intern Programs: Hottest Questions?

In the last posting, “Intern Programs: Hottest Questions?” I have asked the question,

“James, how do you pick your intern from those who apply?”

The answer James provides is quite simple:

“I don't. I have no pre-qualification for level 1 interns. The more the merrier.”

Well, it is the number that counts.

James does not care about, who his level 1 interns are, as long as he can recruit enough of them. He will see quickly, if they do their job well or not. If they stick with it or not, … He also says, ”Do not get involved with managing them!“ bringing it down to the point, where he has nothing to invest, nothing to loose. Sounds like a smart move from the standpoint of an entrepreneur.

No procedure for pre-selection seems to be a perfect answer for the internet business. James writes that only 2% of his level 1 interns are considered for becoming level2 interns— ones that need James's passwords to fullfill their assignments — and probably may become employees or contractors lateron. The selection for level 2 is strictly based performance and a background check.

Would be interesting to know, how many of James' interns take enough home and build their own successful internet business. Seems that nobody has to loose. Read the complete posting, ”Answer Time: Intern Program“ by James D. Brausch (

Yours John

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Mike on :


Interesting approach. Sounds like an invitation to spy on the business. ... If one has enough time ...

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