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Intern Programs: Hottest Questions?

Hello, Everybody!

Even though it is a very beautiful, sunny Sunday today, and my wife has already gone to the beach, I want to take the opportunity to ask James D. Brausch a question. He just had invited the readers of his blog to do so.

Please ask your most important question about running a successful intern program. What is the one question… that if you had the answer to… would allow you to create your own successful intern program? What one unanswered question is holding you back from success in this area the very most?
James D. Brausch

See the complete posting: Question Time: Intern Program

My question

“James, how do you pick your intern from those who apply? How do you improve your chances that you select the right one, that it will be indeed a win-win situation for both of you?”


I have derived my personal question for James from my past experience. Once I was an intern myself in a smaller company in New York City, later I had to deal with interns from time to time as manager in a large corporation in Austria. But the situation is quite different in Europe.

Now, let's assume that I have almost put everything together about my own internship program. But I am not sure about some details. What kind of questions could James help me the most with? His business is unique, my business might be a quite different. Even our reasons for running an internship program might be different as well. After contemplating about this, here is my one an only question, which you can read above.

Well, kind of a human resource type of questions. But the most essential one. You don't drive far with the wrong person.



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Intern Programs: Hottest Questions? In the last posting, “Intern Programs: Hottest Questions?” I have asked the question, “James, how do you pick your intern from those who apply? The answer James provides is quite simple: “I


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