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Discover A Free Mind Mapping Online Tool

A friend told me about an online mind mapping tool that helped him to organize the 1,000 ideas in his head. So let me pass on this little productivity tip to you.

Without further ado, here is the tool he recommended to me. (↑)

Mind mapping allows you to lay out your ideas and thoughts kind of visually. Related items are close together. Therefore, you don't need much space and keep the overview easily. I am not going into the details of mind mapping (sorry), but some advantages of using an online tool like the one my friend recommends.

  • It's easy to rearrange items. You don't run out of space, like you would probably on a sheet of paper.

  • Major advantage: You can share your maps with a team easily.

  • Your data is accessible from anywhere.
    (Check terms of service, etc. and make your own decision about the risks of outsourcing your sensitive data that way.)

  • (↑) offers a free basic version, besides that the rates are very reasonable.

I have signed up for a free account today. I just started to check it out myself. I am not affiliated with MindMeister.

Have a nice weekend.

John W. Furst

Update: Vic Gee left a comment pointing to his extensive, great resource about various mind mapping tools. You definitely should check it out.

Thanks Vic


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Sandy Allen on :


Thanks! I have been looking for a tool like this but was always hesitant to buy one just to find out I didn't like it.

Andrew Flusche on :


MindMeister is definitely a handy mind mapping tool. I've used it a bit and found it very easy to operate. And free is definitely good!

Vic Gee on :


For people who like mindmapping and want it free, I've just pulled together in one place the details of all of the web-based ones, over at

This shows what's free (and how much the subscriptions are for the others), what can import and export MindManager and FreeMind maps and, of course, where to find them. They let you collaborate with others when making a mindmap, as well.

MindMeister is on the list, of course but so are many more, and some are free for unrestricted access. MindMeister is only free for the first six maps.


The master list of mind mapping &

information management software

Jennifer M. ( on :


Thanks Vic!

That's an awesome resource that you have put together there. 'We' love those kind of comments. Thanks a lot. Personally I like a lot, too. --JeM

Vic Gee on :



Thanks for the kind words.

I think you're dead right about It's a deceptively simple design which is really quite powerful. And it allows straightforward mind maps, more than one mind map on a page, and something close to concept maps (though without relationship descriptions).


The master list of mind mapping &

information management software

Martin Welch on :


Thanks for sharing this tool and I think this is very helpful. And the good thing it's FREE!

JBourne on :


That definitely beats out using a scratch piece of paper to scribble all over.

Great that they have a free version because that'll help them get a lot more users and hopefully lead to more free features.

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