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Great Tips For You - From SEO To Personal Development To Clickbank

Rainbow over Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands
Right before the weekend I have some sound tips for you. I keep it very short, because everybody's time is very valuable. The tips are for the areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Getting Paid by Clickbank

I thought also, it is finally time to use that rainbow photo I had taken several weeks ago. It was sitting idle on my server for quite some time. Do you share my association between that rainbow and those tips?

Personal Development

You have heard it before, “One of the biggest problems with personal growth is, that you — yourself — might be the person who is standing in your own way.”

Aaron Potts writes about how to defeat that sort of self-sabotage.

SEO for Wordpress Blogs

Stephen Miller wrote an excellent article about SEO for Wordpress Blogs. The post is quite straight forward, but also a good starting point for a serious newbie.

Clickbank pays with XACH and new Blog

Clickbank has started an official Blog. Something the community waited for a long time.

The following will especially interest my international members outside the USA who use Clickbank products or affiliate promotions as income stream. Get your Clickbank commissions transferred to your local bank account, in your local currency in days, not weeks. Forget the troublesome cheques in US-Dollars sent — and sometimes lost — by mail. Thanks to Andy Beard for blogging about those topics.

Enjoy reading.
Your feedback is welcome. Leave a comment here on this Blog.

John W. Furst

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Aaron - Today is that Day on :



Much obliged for sharing my post, and also for these other links. I'm off to read right now about SEO'ing my site! :-)

Brad on :


Great articles! I really enjoyed "How to Get Out of Your Own Way".

Thanks for sharing!


John W. Furst on :


Hi folks,

Great that you took the time to leave a comment and I am certainly glad that you can use those tips. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

Tracy on :


Great reading on the seo for Wordpress blogs. I think too many overlook this.

Mary Stanton ( on :


Thanks for the feedback Tracy. By the way: I like your New Zealand Travel Site . Lots of great info there. I hope to be able to visit there some day.

Ricardo on :


It's about time Clickbank started their own blog. It's always been real hassle to communciate with them and get in on the important stuff.

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