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Marketing Meaninglessness: Do not Fool Your Readers

Top 100 Marketers 2008 - A list
Top 100 Marketers 2008

I came across a tweet on Twitter (↑) this Saturday that said something like this,
“Top 100 Online Marketers in 2008.”

I was foolish enough to follow the link and took a look at the list. At first, I thought, “Well, a lot of guys I know, I write about on my E-Biz Booster Blog, not bad…”

Of course, this was only the first impression.

Here's a glance of the people that you might know from my blog. As you can see I have blogged about most of them.

100. Mike Filsaime 96. Jonathan Mizel 84. Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins 65. Joel Comm 59. Gary Vaynerchuk 45. Frank Kern 41. Chris Garrett 33. John Jantsch 30. Michel Fortin 28. Matt Cutts 26. John Reese 14. John Chow 11. Jeremy Schoemaker also known as ShoeMoney 9. Darren Rowse 7. Aaron Wall 2. Guy Kawasaki

Peek-A-Boo: A musical tribute to all the top internet marketers.
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But where are those guys?

Alex Mandossian, Yaro Starak, Eben Pagan, Seth Godin, Rich Schefren, Alexandria Brown, Ewen Chia, Tim Knox, Chris Malta, Paul Colligan, Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, Michael Cheney, Clayton Makepeace, Paul Lemberg, John Carlton, Jeff Johnson, Joe Polish,… and many, many more.

Obviously such ranking lists in particular, and lists in general draw some attention. However, if you take a look at the results, you must come to the conclusion,

“It's totally meaningless!”

My conclusion in this short post is
Don't waste your readers time. Come up with a meaningful list, if it has to be a list. The first thing that gives it some meaning is to state the criteria on which it is based on.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Waste your time, if you want to: Top 100 Marketers Of 2008

P.P.S.: No, I don't want you to have a look. But, since I am ranting about it, I feel it my obligation to the guys who came up with it to give them proper attribution.


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Josh on :


I guess they ran out of meaningful things to say, and thought they had to come up with something. I too would like to know what this is based on, because it would be interesting to see who pulled in the most money in 2008.

Alan on :


Yeah, Josh has hit the nail on the head. I want to see a list of the people who pulled in the most cash. This would be a really good list if you can get it.

Falan Fanny on :


I like doing friendship and get in contact with the people whom I like most. Thanks for sharing about different people...

F.D. on :


Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer M. on :


Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your comments. I think a list who pulled in the most cash wouldn't be too helpful either. You can live a luxury internet life-style without being #1 in cash generation.

Some of those on the list are teaching and coaching internet marketing. I'd like to see is a list, who has the most successful and most happy clients. That would be nice for a change.


Tom - Home Business Marketing Blog on :


People donĀ“t have time to read long winded posts, short and to the point is what works.How-to, bulletpoints and lists works.

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