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Sick Of Recession Talk? Seth Godin About Big Small Businesses

Seth Godin drinking his own marketing medicine
Seth Godin, “Are You Boring?”

Personally I am so sick of all this recession talk. It's everywhere. Now I am reading 50 job applicants for each job opening in the United Kingdom. That number by itself doesn't say anything. I don't get it why mass media always distorts reality and makes it appear more negative than it is. People should stop buying into this “negativity reporting”.

Need some positive news?

It has been historically proved that a recession is actually a good time to start off a new business. I know that self-employment or being an employer is not for everyone,... That's true. But if you have it in your veins t work for yourself than you'll appreciate the following interview with Seth Godin.

Even if you are working as employee you can get some take aways from this interview and help change the organization you are involved with for the better. Many businesses are on the wrong track without even knowing it.

You do not want to miss this interview.
See what's inside.

By this time my readers are at least familiar with the name Seth Godin? If you haven't taken a closer look at Seth's work I give you another opportunity to get started.

Seth Godin, the agent of change, best selling author, successful serial entrepreneur, continues to share his business insights and valuable lessons with fellow business owners and soon to be business owners.

Interview with Seth Godin

He says, “You are boring”

Great opening, isn't it.

Well, jump blogs and listen to the replay of marketing legend Seth Godin having been interviewed by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.

Seth Godin: “You Are Boring!” (↑)
Approximately 50 minutes.
Also available as MP3 audio download.

A few bullets from the in interview:
  • Small is the new “big”.
  • The difference between being big and acting big.
  • The difference between freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • The dumb thing of doing things that don't work anymore.
  • The leverage from partnerships. No need to be big in today's inter-connected world anymore.
  • When are you getting started?

Don't be boring and check it out now.

Did I mention it's free?
So I do it.

The interview is free.

John W. Furst


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Josh on :


Thanks for the resource, I find the best way to avoid the negativity of the news is just avoid it altogether. I have read maybe 10 newspapers in the last 6 months, and only one time anything other than the sports section. My mental outlook has changed tremendously.

Fendyk on :


This interview has become the most precious speech that I never heard it before. It will be helpful to the people who are going to get a new job.

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