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Hit The Bulls-Eye With Your Sales Message Every Time

Top level copywriters preach for ages how this can be done, but it seems that

(1) Most marketing and advertising professionals are consistently ignoring that knowledge of “How To Make The Sale” and

(2) There's a steadily stream of a new generation of professionals whom this know how should be brought to attention too.

Now Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise have not only conserved this wisdom in their latest book Neuromarketing, but also have put it in new light.

Put the book in your amazon cart right now!

While you are waiting for your book to be delivered you can read on and answer yourself the following questions:
  • Did you ever wonder why there are certain mega markets like health, fitness, make money, relationship?

  • Did you ever wonder why some products sell like crazy although you say, “I never would buy that sort of …” It's not — actually it's never — about YOU.

Once you watched the video below you might not wonder anymore why certain marketing strategies and tactics that you may observe work. Smart marketers are using that secrets big time. For decades. They are making big money while you say, “I don't like that kind of marketing … ”

Well, one more time: “It's not about YOU. ”

As long as you market to people made of flesh and blood you need to do it that way.
  • Technology is changing
  • Trends are changing
  • Styles are changing
  • PEOPLE are not changing! Not in your lifetime.

Now watch this video about the absolute marketing power

Sorry, the video got deleted.

  • Also don't miss Steve's interview with author Christophe Morin about Neuromarketing.
    (broken link removed)

    And you probably don't want to miss the answer to the one million dollar question in the interview.

Thanks to Steve Cunningham from and his site Read It For Me (↑) for his excellent, read, multimedia business book summaries.

I suggest you head over there — after ordering the book — and sign up for his Business Book Summaries RSS blog feed (↑) right away. And check out the other books he already has summarized for you.

And do not forget to order the book Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer's Brain.

John W. Furst

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Stephen on :


It's interesting that they did actually do studies about brain activity when someone is making a buying decision.

I guess especially in this economy "buy or not to buy" is probably really a life or death decision for many people. Unfortunately.

Thanks for pointing to Steve's blog. I saw quite a few books which I didn't take the time to read so far.

John W. Furst on :


Marketers are usually quicker than scientists (obviously).

maria909 on :


Yes there have been a lot of studies made to improve marketing strategies and generate more sales. One strategy may work for someone but may not also work with the others. But it's good they are a lot of them for us to choose which works best considering in a business, you are dealing with different people.

Micah on :


Great post! This is very helpful. I'm sure I'd visit your site more often. Anyway, you can drop by my favorite online hang out too, at UK Student Community. Thanks!

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